We all need somewhere to relax at the end of the day; a little haven, an oasis, that is all of our own. Many of us adults go out of our way to ensure that our bedroom can serve that function for us, taking steps to guarantee the most relaxing decor and design in the area of the house that is meant to be our retreat from the world.

However much we focus in this area, there is a tendency to overlook the need for a relaxing space when it comes to our kids’ bedroom– and this is something of an oversight. Relaxation is a universal need, and all the more important in a modern environment that has created a generation of children that are more stressed than ever according to WashingtonPost.com. While your child’s bedroom should be fun, it also needs a few relaxing elements to give your child the chance to unwind.

Here are a few tips towards creating the perfect retreat for your children.

Sensible, soothing colors

When parenting, it’s completely natural to want our children to have exactly what they want when it comes to their bedroom. Unfortunately, this has a tendency to mean bright, lurid paint color schemes; kids are attracted to bright colors, and this tends to be reflected in their decor choices.

However, bright, primary colors might not be the best choice in terms of providing a relaxing room. Opt for calmer, warmer tones, exploring the color wheel until you and your child can find a shade that you agree works for both of you. They can still have the color they want, but you can influence to ensure their choice of shade is conducive to relaxation.

Somewhere just to relax

The average child’s bedroom will usually contain a bed and, most likely, a desk. Both of these are useful, of course, but they also have designated purposes: sleeping, and doing homework. As functional as this may be, it does mean that your child’s room doesn’t have a function as a place just to relax, somewhere where they can kick back — without feeling sleepy — and read, or play games on their phone.

If you have the space available, then it’s worth taking the time to invest in a comfy kids-friendly armchair or shop SackDaddy.com and similar stores to choose a beanbag that can be used purely for relaxing purposes. A kid’s bedroom doesn’t just have to be about doing work or sleeping; it can be a little sanctuary, too.

Remove blue light

Blue light has an adverse effect on us humans, disrupting our sleep schedules to the point we become more stressed and anxious. Blue light is emitted by all electronic devices, including screens, so go on a mission to eliminate it from your child’s bedroom. Swap their room light for a red bulb instead of the standard yellow and install apps that change the color spectrum of screens during nighttime hours; a great program for this can be found at JustGetFlux.com, while Livewire.com have a list of apps that can work for phones and other mobile devices.

In conclusion

If you make the changes above, you can be confident that your child’s bedroom is as relaxing and peaceful a place as it’s possible to be. Good luck!