Your home’s curb appeal can mean the difference between a home that sells quickly and one that doesn’t. A home with curb appeal looks inviting and homey, which allows potential buyers to imagine themselves living in that home.

If you’re planning on selling your home anytime soon—or even if you just want your home to look inviting to you and your guests—you’ll want to add these five finishing touches. They’re simple fixes that greatly increase the value (and the look) of your home.

Paint the Trim and the Door

A beautiful front door counts as one of the least expensive ways to up your home’s curb appeal, according to the DIY Network. The paint will cost you $30 to $40 per gallon and will make the front of your home look bright. To really get the most oomph from this type of finishing touch, be sure to paint the door’s trim and even the shutters if your time and budget allow for it.

Revamp the Hardware

An old, rusty mailbox. Rickety door handles. Non-working light fixtures. If your home has any of these issues, you’ll want to repair them soon. An article on the Better Homes and Gardens website suggests that you don’t just replace these items, though that’s a good first step. Update them as well. Updated fixtures give the home a quick facelift that appeals to modern homebuyers.

Update Your Address Numbers

If your mail is constantly being mis-delivered, it could be a sign that you need to have new house numbers installed. This quick fix not only makes your home look better, it also allows people—think buyers—to find your home quickly. It doesn’t cost much for this repair, only about $100 for customized number plaques. It’s even less than that if you just get some ready-made ones.

Get a Low Fence

In more rural and suburban areas, it’s not unusual to see a low DIY vinyl fence around the front of a home. They add a certain white-picket-fence touch to a home, especially in farmhouse-style homes. These features add a bit of privacy and help you hide some of your “yard” sins.

In some rurban (rural + urban = rurban) areas, people still keep larger animals like horses or sheep in their yards. A fence like this will house the animal and still look great. Best yet, buyers who love this type of farm-style living totally love the look.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Yard lights make your yard look beautiful at night. They also allow you to safely navigate your walkway when the stars come out, and they increase your home’s security to boot. The nice thing about this improvement is that it can become a part of your landscaping, meaning that if you also plan on planting shrubs or adding a little hill work to your walkway area or front yard, outdoor lights highlight these features nicely.

Adding the right finishing touches to your yard can help you sell your home if you desire. They can also make living there for as long as you live there more pleasant and beautiful. DIY projects like painting the door or adding a low vinyl fence don’t cost much in terms of time and money, but pay dividends that far outweigh their costs. Doing one or more of these repairs will improve the look of the front of your home and put you one step closer to selling your house if that’s your desire.