Pet owners are starting to seek out the possibility of owning pets that are a little more exotic than the usual cat, dog or hamster. Exotic pets make fantastic talking points, they are interesting and exciting. Long gone are the days when zoo’s were the only place that you would be able to see exotic animals. Although the term exotic invokes thoughts of danger and intrigue, exotic pets are actually animals that don’t originate from the owners location.  

If you are considering owning an exotic pet, it is extremely important to research thoroughly before attempting to introduce one to your home. It is also really important to consider your family dynamics, especially if you have you have young children. Pets are fantastic opportunity for children to learn and care for animals, but handling certain exotic animals could be a challenge and may result in the child or animal becoming accidentally harmed.

Other considerations are, what kind of housing will you need to provide and what temperature does their environment need to be, to prevent them becoming ill?  How big is the animal likely to grow and will you have the space to accommodate it? What is there diet and will it be easy to get hold of its food? How easy is it to handle the exotic animal and are there any safety issues to consider such as venom and sharp teeth!

There are a number of different species of exotic pets available to own, some are easier to own than others. Here is a small snapshot of pet choices, but research before making a commitment to own one.

Micro pig

Micro pigs, really do have the cute factor. It is important to get the necessary regulations in place though, if you wish to own micro pig as you will be actually classed as a pig farmer! You will need plenty of outdoor space and you need to be wary that although young micro pigs are small, they can become quite sizeable as adults. The plus side is that they are fairly cheap to own as they will happily live on your left overs.

Finger monkey or pygmy marmoset

A finger monkey is a mini primate, originating from the rainforests in South America. The popularity of miniature monkies as pets has risen considerably in the last few years. Owning a finger monkey is a huge commitment as they do need a lot of specialised care, in their diet, housing and in ensuring that its habitat is kept scrupulously clean. They are very sociable animals too and should be kept in pairs or even groups. One thing is for sure, they are interesting, very active and definitely exotic! Be aware though that as adults miniature tend to be a little aggressive. Ensure license regulations allow you to keep a primate as a pet in the area in which you live.   

Other species of exotic pet you could consider are snakes, tarantula, leaf insects, parrots, chinchillas, snails, lizards, pygmy hedgehogs or even a fennec fox! There are many options available to owning a fascinating exotic pet.