January. A lot of people don’t really like the month. If you live in a northern climate, the calendar reading the month of January means that there is snow on the ground and, most likely, temperatures well below freezing. The landscape is also drab, and the month is right in the middle of winter. Even if you don’t live in a northern climate, you might feel a little drab about the weather in your area. Having a good attitude and a list of things to do can make the winter go faster, though. Here are four fun things that you and your family can do together to beat any January blues.

Go on a Road Trip

We often think of summer as the time to take a family vacation, but road trips can be done over a weekend. Even a couple of hours away to a bed and breakfast or a nearby resort can be a great adventure for the family that will shake off the January blues. Some companies, such as Young Automotive Group, know that on your way to the hotel, you can stop at nearby attractions that you’ve always wanted to see. It’s a great way to pass on memories to your children.

Family Outdoor Sport or Hobby

Sometimes the best way to get rid of the blues about something is to find an activity that will force you to confront it and even enjoy it. There are numerous activities that you can do outside, with or without snow. If you live in a climate that has snow, there are activities that you can only do during the winter. Some of these include skiing and snowboarding, snow shoeing, sledding, and ice skating, to name just a few. Even if you live in an area that doesn’t get as much snow, go outside and notice nature the way that it is when it isn’t in full bloom. You might begin to appreciate it even if it is a little brown and less colorful.

Game and Movie Nights

If you like being cozy, January is the perfect month to spend more time inside around a fire and snuggled under blankets. Pull out a couple of board games or a movie that you haven’t watched in a couple of years. Pop some popcorn and enjoy the simple pleasures of classic family activities.


Both indoors and outdoors, there’s something about a fort that makes kid’s feel like they’re hiding out. Their imaginations are stimulated, and that makes for an extra fun time. You can make the classic pillow and blanket fort in a downstairs family room, or you can take it outside and use snow for a northern climate, or sticks and leaves for a more temperate climate.

The best way to beat the January blues is to keep your mind active, even when the weather doesn’t seem to be cooperating. So have fun and be creative.

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