Excellent dental care promotes excellent physical wellbeing. Many people do not associate taking care of their teeth with increased physical health, but the two are closely associated. There are a few simple guidelines any person can follow to improve care for their teeth and to foster greater physical wholeness.


Regular Dental Appointments Offer Effective Preventative Care

During bi-yearly dental appointments, individuals can visit with both a hygienist and a dentist. At times, X-rays are taken to check for any underlying problems which may not yet display symptoms. These issues could be gum disease, an abscess that could cause problems later in the future, or developing cavities. Dental clinics that provide dental care take proactive steps to treat teeth and gum issues that X-rays can sometimes reveal. In addition to this, deep cleaning helps to improve mouth health and provides excellent preventative care. While no one likes to go to the dentist just to go, these preventative check-ups can assist a patient to avoid painful and expensive dental issues in the future.


People with Diabetes and Older Adults Benefit from Dental Check-Ups

Visiting the dentist every six months is essential for everyone, but it can be particularly imperative for older adults and people who have diabetes. High sugar levels in the bloodstream affect a person’s teeth and gum health and can lead to more rapid deterioration. This can be avoided and treated by visiting a dentist for bi-yearly check-ups. Older adults are often taking some medication, which can lead to dry mouth. This can cause gum disease and tooth decay problems. Going in to receive regular oral care twice a year is a simple solution to be proactive with dental hygiene and health. Not only can this lead to better smiles, higher levels of confidence, and better breath, it also supports improved general health in a person.


Avoid Painful Treatments by Seeing the Dentist Regularly

When a person visits the dentist for check-ups, the dentist can detect bacteria that contribute to the breakdown of teeth. This decay can eventually lead to painful procedures or extractions. Much of the time, these steps can be avoided if a person commits to staying on a consistent dentist appointment schedule. The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion recommend regular visits to a dentist, along with flossing, avoiding too much use of alcohol, cutting down on sugary drinks and foods, and brushing teeth twice a day. These are simple but excellent steps to take to improve poor dental quality or to maintain currently healthy teeth and gums.


Building a Relationship with a Dentist Increases Comfort and Confidence

Clinics such as Smiles of Grand River, who provide dental care in New Hudson understand that it can be intimidating to go to the dentist. This very reason keeps many people away from teeth and gum check-ups. Everyone wants great mouth health, but fear of dental procedures, anxiety, and feelings of discomfort often act as barriers. Bi-annual dental visits allow people time to get comfortable with their dentist. This leads to increased confidence in the provider and an individual can relax and de-stress once he discovers the dentist puts patient care and comfort at the top of their priority list.


There are many good reasons to maintain bi-annual dentist appointments. If this is something a person has been putting off, it can be easily corrected by making an appointment soon. Establishing patient care with a trusted provider who puts the individual at ease and works with them to create a regular treatment plan for preventative care is vastly beneficial. Once a person takes that first step in proactive maintenance, he can feel confident he is on the right track to sustaining excellent oral health.