We talk a lot about digital marketing for small and home businesses on this site, but we don’t talk about sales frequently enough. While marketing is a great way to get to the top of the customers’ minds, it is still necessary to work on your conversion and generate real sales for the success of the business.

You don’t have to look far for the best sales strategies. Some of the oldest tricks in the book still work with a few adjustments. Here are my favourite classic sales strategies and how you can adjust them to better suit your business today.

A Strong Call to Action

Calls to action have been used since the days of leaflets and print ads. In order to direct viewers towards making the action you expect them to make, you have to add a clear call to action to your marketing and promotional materials.

A clear and concise call to action such as “Click Here to Learn More” can turn an ordinary digital marketing campaign into a successful one. You just have to know how to formulate and place the suitable call to action for maximum impact.

Placing a strong call to action at the end of a marketing material usually works better than adding one to the beginning. You can take further steps to enhance that same call to action by strategically placing it through the customer’s journey.

Sales Emails

Emails are actually rated as the most effective sales and marketing instrument today, even with social media and content marketing in the picture. The nature of emails allows them to be effective in generating leads and attracting potential customers.

To make sales emails effective in today’s challenging market, your secret weapon is personalisation. You can’t expect a generic email sent to thousands to generate a lot of sales. Instead of going this route, you can produce better results by sending personalised emails to the right recipients.

Speaking of the right recipients, you also have more tools to help you find the right people to contact. If you’re looking to expand to business consumers, for instance, you can find the right people to reach out to using tools such as The Email Finder.

Promotional Banners

We all love a good promotional offer; most customers do. A well-placed promotional banner can turn already interested viewers into paying customers in a heartbeat. Now that you have advertising networks and digital banners at your fingertips, you can boost the effectiveness of your promotional offers even further.

Design an attention-grabbing banner with a promotional offer that suits the target audience perfectly. For example, cashbacks are regarded as more effective when presented to a younger audience. Package the cashback offer in an attractive way and circulate the banner using a highly targeted advertising campaign. The result you get in return will surprise you.

All of these sales strategies have been around for so long, but they remain relevant in this digital age with a few minor adjustments. By knowing how to use these strategies properly, you can boost your sales and take your business to the next level.