One fact that is sometimes lost in our modern culture is that children thrive in nature. Interaction with nature feeds children on many important levels, giving them a chance to find creative inspiration by taking in all that nature offers.

Parents should make a real effort to help their children to connect with nature on a regular basis. Regular interaction with nature instills respect for the planet in children, and gives them an example of how nature renews itself, and how plants and animals can thrive when they are well cared for. Here are a few creative ways to help make that happen.

Go for Regular Nature Hikes

There’s nothing as invigorating and inspiring as taking a hike in nature. Make a plan for going on a family hike at least every other week, so children can enjoy an energizing workout while also breathing fresh air and all the wonderful scents that come with being around trees and flowers.

As an added bonus, have the children pick up leaves and twigs and look up the names of the plants after returning home.

Make a Leaf Collection

Leaves are amazing in their design and variety. After a healthy nature hike, have the children collect the leaves they found on their walk, and then save them in a wax pressing. Just put a leaf between two pieces of wax paper, and then gently iron the leaf, with a cloth between the leaf and paper and the iron. This is a wonderful way to save a gorgeous leaf and study its design.

Start an Organic Garden

Years ago most children grew up on farms. Today, it’s important to teach children the wonder of growing their own food, using Nature Safe organic fertilizer and soil. They can research tips on organic gardening from sites like Organic Facts to learn about gardening naturally. Tending and harvesting a garden can help your children connect with their food supply in a tangible, concrete way, and eating the organic harvests can instill healthy eating habits early.

Visit a Farm

Visiting a farm, with live animals, is another great way to help children connect with the reality of nature, and how we can nurture plants and animals to help them grow.

In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we are all natural creatures, and that we truly belong in nature. Use these tips to help your children connect in a major way.