Despite popular belief, the best romance is not one that sweeps you up off of your feet. The best romance is the committed one. It is the love two best friends share between each other. It is being silly, it is being fun, it is being there for one another. If you aren’t careful, however, the romance can quickly dissipate from this sort of relationship. That is because when two people are so comfortable with one another, they tend to stop trying. Don’t let how content you are with your relationship stop it from being fun and exciting. Instead, bring back the romance into your relationship with these top tips.


Have a Regular Date Night


The best way to keep romance in any relationship is to continue to date one another. Dating can easily be pushed aside once you live together, because you spend all your time together. If you want to keep the romance alive, however, have a regular date night. This could be as little as once a month, but having a date night is crucial for feeling sexy, and for ensuring you put the effort into surprising and pleasing your partner.

Tip: Take turns between who must plan each month’s date night. That way your dating life can be shared, rather than one partner constantly treating the other.


Put Effort into Your Appearances


Whenever you can, put effort into your appearance. Even meeting for a quick meal should be enough of an excuse for you both to put a bit more thought into how you look. This emphasis is key to keeping the sexual tension there, which is one of the key components to any romance.

How you put effort into your appearance will depend on you. It could mean using a Bathmate for him, and it could mean wearing nice clothes for you. It could also be exercising to ensure you both stay fit, and so on. Working on maintaining and improving your looks is a great way to feel wonderful about yourself, and a great way to keep the romance alive.


Learn Something Together


Whether you consider this to be part of your date night or not depends on you, but you should aim to learn new things together. Learning together is exciting, and can make it feel like you are learning something new about your partner. This could be a cooking class, a trip, or anything else you two want to do that’s new.


Have Time for Just the Two of You


If the reason the romance has recently died from your relationship due to you having a young family, it’s time to take that romance back. Once your children are old enough to handle being at their grandparents for a sleepover, take that moment to spend time with just the two of you. It doesn’t matter if things get steamy or not, so long as you are together, as husband and wife.

Romance doesn’t have to die, it just takes effort. Put that effort in, and you’ll love your relationship, and love yourself, even more.

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