The U.S. certainly loves its pets. From automatic dog ball launchers to customized cat towers and scratch posts, Americans collectively spent $70 billion for their pets this year. That just means that once the holidays roll in, there will be thousands upon thousands of items targeted at pet owners who just LOVE to spoil their furred, finned, scaled, and feathered buddies.

If you’re not a pet parent yourself, however, a huge selection of gifts for your pet-loving friends and family can be quite confusing. Here are some great ideas to help you out.

Couch Pet Covers

For dog and cat owners, a fuzzy sofa is a perpetual concern, especially if their pets love to snuggle with them while they are having a movie marathon or enjoying a good book while lounging on the couch.

Give them the gift of a fuzz-free holiday season with couch pet covers. These are basically huge blankets that you can drape over a sofa or a couch to protect the furniture from scratches, stains, and a whole lot of pet hair. Some sofa pet covers also come with matching bolster pillows for maximum comfort.

Personalized Collars

If your friends or relations have a dog (or dogs), then you can never go wrong with colorful custom dog collars from If It Barks for their holiday gifts. Apart from the ability to choose from a variety of colors and patterns, you can also add a personalized buckle or tag engraved with details like the dog’s name and the owner’s name and contact information. Make sure to get the pet’s name right, of course!

Monthly Subscription Services

Barkbox and Cat Lady Box ($29 and $34.99 for one month, respectively) are among the most popular pet subscription boxes, but you can scour the Internet for more options. These boxes contain various items like toys and treats, carefully curated based on both the owner’s and their pet’s likes and dislikes. Subscription boxes are also a great way for pet owners to try out new foods and accessories for their pets.

Selfie Ball

Most dogs are easily distracted, thus the struggle to capture those perfect pet selfies. A possible solution would be to buy your photo-obsessed, pet-loving friend a selfie ball, a nifty smart device attachment with a ball or squeaky toy holder that clips to the top of a phone or tablet. Be prepared for a flood of #dogsofinstagram photos, though!

Pet Sweaters

Sweaters are a classic, no-fuss holiday gift, so why not get your loved ones’ pets some warm and fluffy sweaters, too? They come in a variety of fabrics like cotton, wool, fleece, and even PVC and canvas. Some pet sweaters even come with matching booties or socks. Get the pet parent an identical sweater for some truly adorable #twinning photos.

Pet Food

Whether they have a fish, bird, cat, or dog, a huge chunk of a pet parent’s expenses goes to food. Take some load off their shoulders and get them their preferred brand of pet food. Also make sure to get the kind that the owner usually buys for their pets. For example, there are wet, dry, and raw kinds of dog food, while fish food usually come in the form of either flakes or pellets.

Cleaning or Grooming Services

Grooming is another aspect of having a pet that can take a toll on one’s wallet, especially with bigger dogs. Book your friend’s dog or cat for a grooming session, or maybe even throw in a massage session if it’s available. If they already have a preferred groomer, then perhaps get them a gift certificate from that shop. For your fish-, reptile-, or bird-loving friends, arrange for a service to have their aquarium, tank, or cage professionally cleaned.


From novels and care tips to encyclopedia-ish “different kinds of animals” volumes, there are various books that can further stoke your loved one’s passion for their pets. In fact, it might even be a good idea to get yourself one and see for yourself just how interesting and lovable these animals can be.

No two pet parents are alike, just like how each pet has a personality that’s completely their own. That’s why it is important to think about which items can really make an animal lover and their pet truly happy. Good luck shopping for the holidays!

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