Do you want to live a more creative and exciting life? Perhaps you work a job that limits your creativity, or maybe you just want a fun hobby to keep you productive on your time off. If so there are a number of hobbies you could take up that will boost your brain power, allow your creative juices to flow and will be enjoyable too. Here are some ideas!


There are lots of ways you can turn your love of writing into a hobby. You could start a novel, write an ebook or start a blog. You could write poetry, write a play or just write for yourself by keeping a journal. Whether you prefer pen and paper or typing, or whether you want to write for an audience or keep it private- there are lots of options here. It will help you to develop your written ‘voice’ and improve your vocabulary, spelling, grammar and much more. Reading a lot will help with your writing too, so invest in some books and make time to read as well.


You could draw, paint, print, or even use a different medium like clay. You could try out digital art, either on a program like Adobe Illustrator or by using a drawing tablet. If you’re unsure of the type of art you’d like to do and don’t want to run out and buy a load of materials, how about attending an art class? When you know the medium you enjoy you can then buy everything you need and know that you will actually use it all.


If you want to get involved in music one way would be to learn an instrument such as the guitar. According to Bold Music, the acoustic guitar gives you the most bang for your buck so won’t cost you too much to get started. You could go with drums, violin, flute, piano-  it could even be singing. We’ve all got an instrument we’d love to be able to play so why not go for it? If you get good you could join a band and perhaps even go on to play live gigs.

Even if you keep it purely as a hobby, you can meet other music lovers and perform with them. Another option would be to make music digitally, using software. Here you can layer different instrument sounds and loops to create your own unique tracks. Great if you don’t have the time or inclination to learn and instrument from scratch.


Unlike baking which is more of a science (measurements have to be spot on for it to work) with cooking you have more creative freedom. Once you have a basic understanding of how to balance flavors and textures and which ingredients work well together, the world is your oyster. Do some research into different cuisines and ingredients, adapt recipes and create your own.

Are you looking to pick up any creative hobbie in 2018? Which of these would you go for?