Living in the moment sounds like such an easy thing to do. It just means being aware of what’s happening around you right here, right now. It means not thinking ahead (or back) and worrying about things that are going to happen or that did happen – especially if they are things you can’t change. It means just being happy with life and not getting anxious or stressed out. Yet, not all human beings are wired up to do that. After all, planning ahead is an important part of adult life, isn’t it? Therefore, living in the moment is a strange concept to many, and although some people do manage it and love what it can give them, the majority still haven’t quite got there yet. You should, though. Here are some great reasons why.

Decrease Stress

Not taking the time to appreciate whatever is going on in the here and now can lead us to become too consumed by our own thoughts, and utterly stressed out. Stress is hugely detrimental to our health and well-being – it can raise our blood pressure, put strain on our hearts, and generally make us feel run down and utterly exhausted. This can lead to lack of sleep, which makes the symptoms even worse. By taking the time to just stop and look around you, you can stop feeling quite so stressed. Clear your mind of anything except what is happening right this second, and focus on that. Your head will be clearer and your body will thank you for it too.

Don’t Plan Everything

Yes, some things do need to be planned, especially if you have children and need to ensure that each one is where they are meant to be – it can be a logistical nightmare and without forward planning you will get even more stressed about the situation. However, some things do not need to be planned, and shouldn’t be. Plans don’t always work out, do they? If there is no plan, and you simply ‘go with the flow’ then you won’t get agitated if it isn’t working out how you imagined – you can just be in the moment and enjoy yourself that way. So take a family day out, for example. Yes, definitely plan the journey and everything that might be needed. Plan the route. Make sure you can get there on time. After that? No more planning. Just see what there is to see, do what there is to do, and have fun. Neither you, nor your kids, nor anyone else you’re with will get short tempered that way.


Living in the moment will make you a happier person. Once you have experienced genuine happiness, you’ll realize that there is simply no other feeling like it. When you know that you can reach this state of happiness simply by being in the present and living in the moment, you’ll be able to drop all of those bad habits that you think are making you happy, but that are actually damaging you terribly. Drink and drugs are no match for true happiness, and you’ll know it’s time to stop. If you need professional help, speak to the experts at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake so that you can kick the habits that – when you think about it – are holding you back. Once that’s done, living in the moment and enjoying that special kind of happiness is a whole lot easier.

Less Worry

We all worry sometimes. It’s natural. Yet, the worry does us no good, and, as the old saying tells us, worrying about tomorrow just robs us of today. Whatever you’re worrying about will either happen or it won’t, and you will need to deal with the consequences, just like every other day of your life. So what’s the point in panicking? Instead, embrace the moment and let your mind be completely free. Your worries will disappear. It might be for a short while, it might be forever, but when it happens, you’ll feel amazing for it.

You’ll Find Your ‘Thing’

Being in the moment is especially important if you’re feeling unfulfilled in life. If you are looking for your ‘thing’, that whatever it is that will make you feel whole – something that you can be really good at and enjoy and use to actually be in the moment – then being present can help you. Not only will you then live in the present, but you’ll also have a new hobby that really makes you feel complete.

The Past Is Gone

Constantly comparing the past to the present only serves to make us feel nostalgic and potentially sad. It blocks us from seeing that the present is actually really rather wonderful too. Although it’s great to have memories of the past that make us happy, it’s important to remember that that time is gone, and no matter how wonderful – or otherwise – it was, it can’t and shouldn’t affect our ability to enjoy the present.

No Disappointments

A lot of people wander through life finding that they are disappointed by things and places and even people. It’s because they are looking beyond, or back, from where they are, and expecting something. If you simply live in the moment and don’t think about any time other than this one, you can’t be disappointed. Take every moment as it comes, for better or worse, and live with it, and you’ll find that, even when something happens that you don’t like so much, you can get over it much quicker and find the next moment to enjoy.

Life Is Short

Life is short. As children we’re told this and we think it’s just a trite saying that means nothing much. After all, there are decades and decades stretching out ahead of us, aren’t there? So much time to do everything and enjoy everything and love everything. Yet, as we grow older, we realize the truth in that old saying – life really is short. Yes, we have (hopefully) got a few decades, but those decades fly by. Making the most of each possible moment will slow that time down. You won’t be wishing it away, hoping for the next thing, the next interesting item to happen, hoping that this dull nothing of a day goes quickly. Enjoying every second may take time to master, but once you do, it is truly worth it.


By Erica Buteau

Change Agent. Daydream Believer. Maker. Creative. Likes love, peace and Jeeping. Dislikes winter, paper cuts and war. She/Her/Hers.

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