Advanced technology has touched almost all sectors in our human lives. There are many unbelievable technological devices in movies, but many people find it hard to imagine these technologies existing in their own homes.

With modern technology, you can now perform functions that you never thought possible. For example, you can now control your thermostat, room lights, and television just from your smartphone. This is just but a few possibilities, so brace yourself to experience the most advanced technologies in your future home that you may never have imagined. Highlighted below are futuristic technologies that you should anticipate coming to a home near you.

Automated Robots

You may never had imagined that you would live in an era of full-featured robots like those you see in movies, but day by day that is becoming a more realistic possibility. Automated robots are already being used in a number of homes today to perform home chores such as cleaning.

There are devices such as Neato and iRobot which are programmed to travel around the house doing activities such as cleaning the floors. There is another type of automated robot which was unveiled in Germany with the added advantages of the ability to pick up items and even serve visitors.

The future of your home is here. More of such robots are yet to fill the market that perform the common man’s daily chores.

Smart Devices

Our electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, jewelry, and watches are becoming smarter and smarter as time goes by. It won’t take you long before you realize the importance of owning such smart devices.

Imagine having a smart refrigerator that is controlled using an app on your phone to dispense water. Or better still, consider a top-notched security app with smart door locks that has the ability to notify you when you leave your doors unlocked. With these amazing apps, you can also lock the doors of your home remotely.

This is one of the many advancements in technology in your home that you can anticipate in the future. Inventors are even finding ways to create microwaves hooked to the internet with the ability to set cook times from your phone, and that updates your social media platforms about your ready meal.

Light Control

Soon than later, the old-fashioned wall light switches will be done away with. For your future home, you can readily have your lights turned on or off using your smart mobile device, automated systems or touchscreen panels.

For example, there is already a smart thermostat known as Nest which has the capability of being programmed to turn your heat on or off at pre-programmed times. You can program your furnace to kick on a little bit before you arrive from your vacation so you come back to a comfy home. The prospect of automated lighting and heating systems for homes suggests promising advancements in the future. Soon these systems could be standard requirements for many homes.

Smart Toilets

With the aim of improving health standards, there have been toilets programmed to perform urinalysis test whenever someone urinates on them. They then give a report on whether the person has diabetes or not. These advanced toilets have been found in Japan.

Now think about a future toilet that is programmed to analyze even stool and report on whether you have colon cancer or not. They could similarly give other reports pertaining your health such as the presence of parasitic worms or cysts.

On the other hand, imagine a smart toilet that can test for pregnancy in women. These are the kind technologies you could see in your future homes.

Technology has changed the lifestyle of the world and a lot more is anticipated to change due to the high rate of technological advancements. With the endeavor to make life smooth and enjoyable, experts in technology come up with new and convenient ways of solving problems at home. Expect a lot of advanced technology in your future homes.