Stress at work is common, and it extends into many industries and professions. Regardless of whether you are a CEO, a receptionist or something in between, you may understandably feel the pressure and strain of too much work, tight deadlines, co-worker conflicts and more wearing you down. It is easy to carry the stress of the day home with you, and this can ruin your evening and even impact personal relationships. Learning how to properly relax after work can help you to find more enjoyment in life.


Take a Short Walk

Exercise can do wonders for your stress level, and stepping outside to take a walk for even ten minutes after work can help you to clear your mind and let off steam. If possible, choose a route that immerses you in nature. Focus on the sights and sounds all around you as you relax. When you return home, you may be find that you have let go of work-related stress and are ready to unwind.



Many people are learning about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. If you have not already done so, you may be surprised by how beneficial this practice is. Meditation simply requires you to sit in quiet room in an upright, alert yet relaxed position. With your eyes closed, you initially focus on your breathing and try to clear your head. When thoughts drift into your head, do not dwell on them. Instead, simply acknowledge the thoughts, and allow them to drift out of your mind. After meditating, you may discover that your head is clear and your stress level has dropped.


Soak in a Hot Tub

Relaxing in a tub of warm water is another way to relax after work. You could soak in a small bathtub for a few minutes, or you could invest in a spa from a company like Aqua Rec who specializes in hot tubs in Woodinville. With a private hot tub, you can enjoy the beauty of your backyard while the soothing waters swirl around you. This can make sore muscles feel better, and it can also leave you feeling rejuvenated. You can even sit in the hot tub with a spouse or loved ones to catch up with them.


Cuddle with a Loved One

Another excellent idea is to sit down with a loved one and cuddle for a few minutes. This could be with a spouse or a significant other. It could also be with one of your young children. Simply cuddling with a loved one can help you to feel more grounded. It may also help you to focus on what is most important in your life so that you can let go of work and be more present in the moment.


Read a Book

Many people unwind by sitting down with a good book or even a magazine. Through the process of reading, you may be immersed in a story that is not your own. This can help you to separate work from your home life. Reading is also a relaxing activity that can reduce your adrenaline level and help you to feel less stressed out.


Disconnect from Your Electronics

Your electronic devices can sound off regularly as you receive email messages, text messages, alerts and more. This can make your home life more stressful than it needs to be. It can also continuously draw you back into work and other responsibilities. If possible, turn your phone and other electronics off. Turn on some music while you cook dinner or do your chores. Make your evening as laid back as possible.


While it is easy to bring stress home with you after work, it can be detrimental to your health and relationships. Explore each of these stress-relieving activities to find a few that work best for you.