The truth of the matter is, braces have come a long way since their invention, and they are more discrete and less embarrassing than before. That is not to say however that kids are excited about getting them. Kids whose teeth are overlapping, overcrowded or merely crooked need to get braces as early as possible to correct teeth and jaw issues while they are still developing. Is it a must to get braces? Here are a few reasons why it is advisable.


Prevent Other Health Issues

Misaligned, crooked or overlapping teeth also known as malocclusion can be pretty hard to brush or floss because some places are hidden. Since plaque is not eradicated, it continues to accumulate and cause severe dental decay and inflamed gum tissues leading to the development of harmful bacteria in the mouth. When this type of bacteria enters the bloodstream, it can cause cardiovascular diseases, and that’s how kids get heart issues. Clinics such as Cobbe Dental & Orthodontics recommend that kids be taken to the orthodontist as early as six years so the problems can be corrected early enough to avoid significant issues that cannot be reversed later on.


Prevent Pain

Tooth decay caused by improper brushing and flossing can be very painful and even lead to tooth extraction. Some cases of misaligned teeth and jaw problems such as cross bite can cause a child to bite their jaw or tongue often as they chew and even cause irregular speech. Other issues such as headaches, earaches, and painful jaw joints can also be a cause of malocclusion. The use of braces to align the teeth prevents this pain and allows children to lead a pain-free life.


Increase Self-Esteem

Crooked teeth are a significant cause of low self-esteem especially if other people make fun of you. Though the few months or years the child will have braces may not be the most exciting, once the teeth are corrected, the child will be able to smile again without feeling self-conscious or hiding and their confidence will be up again. A child who is confident and smiles a lot will achieve anything they want and attract more favorable outcomes in every area of their lives.


Increased Appetite

Unfortunately, kids with misaligned teeth experience many issues such as biting their tongue or jaw, bruises and tooth decay that causes pain. All these problems will make the child uncomfortable while eating because they are feeling pain and therefore their appetite goes down. Once the teeth are corrected using braces, the child can be able to eat again without pain, so they enjoy their meals more.


While parents are advised to visit an orthodontist by age six or seven, the child should see a dentist annually after their first birthday just to ensure they are practicing healthy dental habits.

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