As our dining rooms are probably one of the most sociable rooms in our homes it is essential that they are looking their best and are a space that encourages us to spend time in, together as a family, or with friends. Read on for our super simple tips on how you can whip tired looking dining rooms up into shape so that you start enjoying dining in a chic and sophisticated space.

A Lick of Paint

If your dining room is looking a little sorry for itself, it could be something as simple as the paint work that needs a little updating. Tired and drab colors can instantly pull down the overall aesthetics of a room, so spend some time looking at different color schemes that could really bring your dining room to life. Alternatively you can try a new wall paper scheme to try something a little different. If you don’t want to repaint or re-wallpaper the entire room, then you can try just changing one wall with a really bold color or an interesting and sumptuous wallpaper.

Update Furniture

Furniture can look pretty dated and shabby over the years, particularly when you have small children. Therefore if you are looking at your furniture and it is leaving a little to be desired then perhaps it is time to treat yourself to some new furniture for this room. Decide on the style you are going for. Are you going to pip for some luxurious regal dining furniture or are you perhaps thinking about going for a modern vibe. Research what is out there in order to start planning the mood that you want to create for your dining room.

Mood Lighting

The lighting in your dining room is essential in order for you to create an elegant and indulgent space. Think about the kind of lighting that would work best in your dining room space whether an antique chandelier would perfectly finish off your intricate dining style or whether the space would better suit a modern floor lamp. Low lighting is the easiest way to instantly change the mood and feel of any room so make sure you are experimenting and are being creative with the lighting in your dining room to achieve your desired ambience.

Table Decorations

The way you decorate your dining room tables is an area where you can really have some fun. This is obviously a part of the room that you can continuously change so you can afford to be more experimentational and a little bolder in your choices.

Perhaps you want to try going for a really dark, moody table cloth or dark gothic style decorations. Or perhaps you fancy something really rustic, or perhaps you want to try an eclectic style by mixing and matching different colours, textures and patterns. Have a look online for some dining room table decoration inspiration and have fun experimenting with different styles that will really bring your dining room to life and transform this space into one fit for dining dynasty.