Who says that things cannot be both practical and pretty at the same time? That’s right, no one. So, with this in mind, why don’t you give your bathroom the renovation it’s been crying out for for years — and when you do, make sure the end result is a bathroom that is both practical to use, and pretty to look at. For advice on how to do both of these things, make sure to read on.

Making it practical

The first thing you must do when it comes to making your bathroom as practical as can be is to decide what it is you really need in it. Yes, there are a host of bathroom must-haves out there that all bathrooms, well, must have. But, there are also more than likely a lot of things in your bathroom that don’t need to be there as they don’t enhance the practicality of the room and just take up space. And one very big bathroom appliance that you need to make a decision about is your bathtub.

Specifically, do you take enough baths to warrant having a bathtub? Yes, it’s nice to have one there just on the off-chance that you will someday want one. And yes, the room itself may be named after this appliance. But, do you really need one? Do you soak enough to warrant have the tub taking up all that space in your bathroom? If not, and you decide to remove your tub in the future, then you can replace it by just having a shower then instead.

And when it comes to showerheads there are wide range of possibilities out there to choose form, which means finding the one that best fits your practical needs will be no problem. And there are a host of possibilities out there to suit your aesthetic desires too. You can go for a Luxury Spiral Hand showerhead, that wouldn’t look out of place in an upscale spa. Or you could go for the entirely metallic design of a Chrome Handheld Massage showerhead. The choice, in terms of both practicality and prettiness, is completely up to you.

Making it pretty

But there’s more that you can do to make your bathroom pretty than choose an aesthetically pleasing showerhead. And there’s more you can do to make your bathroom pretty than just bringing in pretty decorations into it, tiling it and changing the colour scheme. No, to truly make your bathroom your pretty you’ll have to go even further: you’ll have to keep on top of its cleanliness.

And no, this doesn’t just mean cleaning the toilet during your weekly home clean. It means keeping on top of all the dirt that is brought about through the using of your bathroom regularly. For instance, if you use your bath regularly your tub is more than likely going to become inundated with bathtub rings. And if you want to make your bathroom pretty, you’ll have to get rid of them. To do so, try dipping a half-cut lemon in some salt and rubbing it over the rings until they disappear.

If you want to continue in the vain of inducing practicality around your home, then make sure to check out these practical fall essentials for it. And if you want to make your home as pretty as can be, remember it’s not just about decorations and colour schemes — it’s about keeping on top of its cleanliness too!