There’s no doubt about it – planning your kid’s birthday party can be a stressful endeavor. You might be worrying about the gifts, the logistics, and how you’ll possibly afford it all. Then there’s every parent’s worst fear – will your child’s classmates actually turn up, or could your kid be in for a crushing disappointment?

Most of the time, these worries are unfounded. We stress unnecessarily about the right cake, decorations and theme for a child’s party and fail to notice how happy they are with even the simplest of efforts. Aspiring to some Pinterest-worthy-mom standard is not helpful to either you or your child, and it could lead to exhaustion and stress in the long run.

This year, instead of trying to make everything perfect, try to relax and enjoy the special day with your child. With that in mind, here are a few tips for planning a stress-free birthday party for your child.

Plan a Party With a Difference

Instead of hosting your child’s birthday at home or hiring an expensive venue, why not do something different like go to the cinema or visit a sea aquarium? You could host a simple lunch in the café, or ask parents to pack sandwiches if you’re worried about the cost, and just provide the cake. Seaquest Aquariums, for example, has plenty of interactive exhibits to keep the kids entertained, and you won’t have to worry about herds of children messing up your house – it’s a win, win.

Hand Invitations to the Parents

If you’ve ever found a crumpled letter or invite in the bottom of your child’s bag, you’ll know they are not always the most reliable when it comes to passing on information. It’s not that your child’s classmates don’t want to come to the party, but their attention spans are short and they are likely to forget about it when something else sparks their interest.

Don’t risk invitees not turning up for your child’s birthday party – instead, hand invitations to parents or send a group text. Give them plenty of notice and stress that you’d love them to be there to celebrate with your child.

Don’t Set the Bar Too High

If you enjoy home-baking and making decorations by hand, then that’s great, but if the thought of doing everything yourself makes you feel overwhelmed, it could be time to lower your standards. Although it’s nice to create homemade cards and decorations, your child is unlikely to appreciate the difference. Similarly, your kid will be just as happy with a shop-bought cake than something you have made yourself, and before long it will be sliced up and eaten, so who is going to know the difference?

If it’s pressure from other parents you’re worried about, don’t rise to it. Instead, make decisions about the birthday party that are right for you and your family and be happy with them. Feeling more relaxed on the day will mean you are more present and able to enjoy yourself, and that’s what your child will remember.  


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