Yes, weight loss is made in the kitchen and not the gym, but the exercise that we do still has an effect. That means it’s worth researching into which one are the most effective and doing those when we get the chance. Often we believe that these are the highest impact ones, but below we will address this and discover whether it is really the case.  So read on to find out what level of impact some common exercises are and whether they are the best way to a healthy weight loss.


Walking is often discounted as from the category of real physical activity because most of us do it all the time. However, that doesn’t mean that it s not effective, in fact, walking despite it being a low impact and fairly easy activity can help weight loss a great deal.

One way in which it does this is that it burns around 240 calories an hour. Making it a very effective workout that you don’t even need to break into a sweat to do. Another reason that it’s so good for weight loss is how convenient it is to build into your life. You don’t need any specialist equipment, or even to go to a particular facility to start. Making it widely available for all ages, and fitness levels,

Verdict: Walking is low – medium impact and is effective for weight loss


Running is an effective form of exercise for weight loss. It’s a high impact activity and an efficient way of burning a lot of calories over a short amount of time. Up to 550 calories per hour, something not to be sniffed at.

It’s also popular because it creates something known as the runner’s high, a release of endorphins that make the runner feel great after they have exercised. Something that can help with mood disorders and depression, which are often the underlying cause of weight gain and overeating.

However, while it might sound that running is a magic bullet for all the ills in your life including weight, it does come with some downsides as well. These include a high risk of injury, both in the short and long term that can affect your fitness levels and make it harder to do any exercise at all. Something that can endanger your weight loss goal in the long run.

Verdict: Running is high impact, and you risk injury and delay to your weight loss program

Vibration plate

Another type of exercise and one that perhaps everyone doesn’t know about is movement using a vibration plate. Vibration plates like the one available at this website are designed to maximize the workout that you get from certain postures and moves. Allowing you to get the most from a short amount of time and increasing your calorie burning potential. Done right you can burn up to 282 calories an hour!  

The big advantage over the other methods, especially running is that the vibration plate is very low impact making it perfect for folks that are concerned about injury or don’t currently have a high level of fitness.

Verdict: Vibration plates are low impact and safe, making them a great option for weight loss if you can invest in one or use a gym that has them.