People are not born pack rats. It is a process that transpires over time. Saving a corsage from the prom, ticket stubs from a favorite concert or a sea shell from the ocean while on a family vacation are normal items to tuck away. However, the need to cherish a memory can become an addiction. If you are out of space to properly store your belongings, it might be time to consider getting rid of some of it or finding another location to store it.

Looking at Clutter Logically

If the mind dealt with logic only, there would be a lot less problems in the world. Unfortunately, emotion is a human element that can take over rational and often does. Seeing an item and purchasing it, without a reason, may temporarily erase sadness, depression or guilt, but there is no logic in this purchase. It you are finding yourself with a house filled with illogical stuff, you are a pack rat.

How to End the Madness

There is no magic wand that can change one’s way of thinking, but friends and family can help you to get organized and present a plan of action. If you cannot think of anyone, hire a professional organizer. Begin by categorizing by necessity. Clothes, cooking utensils, pots and pans and batteries are examples of necessary items. Next, get a huge lined trash can for broken, stained and unusable goods and trinkets. We are not in the depression. Keeping used aluminum foil and old bread wrappers will just attract mice.

Packing and Storing

Purchase moving boxes and begin placing all organized goods inside. Mark the box consistent with its contents. When everything is packaged, figure the amount of space that will be needed to store. Call a self-storage company, like Stadium Storage and lease a unit. Most storage companies will have a self-storage calculator on their website in order to determine the amount of space needed. Next, move the goods to the new location.

Keep a journal as to the number of trips made to the storage unit in order to retrieve certain items and what the items were. After one year, if boxes have not been disturbed, sell them online or through garage sales. Keep your helper with you during this period so that the boxed-up goods do not end up in your house again. If there are some things that you cannot part with, leave in storage for another year and revisit.