Getting a cat is a great idea for your family. Not only can they be loving companions – on their terms of course – but they can also be hilarious additions to your life. Cats are known as low maintenance pets, yes when they want attention, they will get it. But most of the time they are content to sleep, venture out or just chill out in a sun trap. However, there are some kitty necessities that you need to get for you feline friend.

1| Insurance

This is the most important – particularly if your cat is going outside every day. You need to get them vaccinated, and probably spayed or neutered before they venture out, and after that – who knows what trouble cats get up to? Sites like can offer you affordable insurance for your kitty-cat.

2| Food

Make sure you get the right type of food for your cat. A diet of tinned tuna and cream is more likely to kill your cat than be helping them. Good quality cat food will help keep your cat healthy and agile and can help your little hunters’ digestive system. Make sure that you feed them the right amount too, if you have a house cat, they will need to consume fewer calories than an outdoor cat.

3| Bathroom

Either the big bad world or a litter box will do. If your cat does his business outside, then make sure they have access to outside as much as possible, cats will do their business inside if they have to, so if you can’t guarantee them an open window all the time, then have a litter box as a backup. If you have a house cat, a litter tray is a must. Make sure you clean it regularly, most cats won’t do their business in a dirty litter tray, and they can get bladder infections from them.

4| Scratching and Climbing

Your little friend is a natural hunter. He will want to climb, and he will want to dig his claws into things. You can get a good scratching post with different heights that will allow your cat to claw and climb to his heart’s content, without ruining your furniture.

5| Collar and Chipping

Even if your cat is a house cat, and even if you have had your cat chipped (which you really should do), you should also get them a collar and license. If your kitty gets lost, you’ll be able to track them, and other people will be able to contact you. Your cat isn’t like a dog – they will go where they want when they want, the most you can do it to make sure that if they stray too far, they won’t be lost to you.

Make sure you update your cat’s chip whenever you move house or change your phone number. Your vet will be able to set up your cat’s chip, and you just call the ID company to make any changes.


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