As the year draws to a close, it’s always important to consider what preparations you may need to make in order to ensure your house is ready for the colder months. There are a number of invaluable yet simple actions you can take even before the Winter fully rolls in, and will save you a great deal of time and hassle either rushing to get your home protected once the chill has already set in, or scrambling to fix something should disaster strike. So here, compiled for your convenience, are just a few simple checks and preparations you can make around your home to ensure that it’s ready for the worst that the Fall and Winter seasons will throw at it.

Clear Your Drains and Gutters

Once the leaves begin to drop during the Fall, it will become much more likely that your drains will become clogged up with them. This then can cause a devastating effect once Winter comes around, as it dramatically increases the risk of water damage. Ensuring that your gutters are clear of any debris before the leaves start to fall and the rain becomes more regular will stand you in good stead for the colder months ahead. Advice on precisely how to go about this can be found widely online, though keeping a clear drain and gutter is a good measure for your home all the year round.

Check Your Boiler and Chimney

Your boiler and chimney will often serve as your first and second lines of defense once Winter rolls around. So, it’s absolutely essential that you make sure that they’re both functioning properly before something goes wrong and you’re left in the lurch. If your boiler needs serviced, make sure you get this done in good time, as the last thing you want is a problem with your central heating during Winter – or, even worse, no central heating at all. Obtaining boiler cover can also be a good measure to take to ensure you won’t be left stuck if the worst does occur. Furthermore, if your home has a chimney, make sure that it’s kept clear and the air duct unblocked. Services like these can be taken care of by heating and air condition companies like who offer a variety of residential services.

Protect Your Pipes and Insulation

It’s relatively common for pipes to freeze and then subsequently burst as it grows colder, so it’s wise to take any precautions you can to prevent this beforehand. Pipes can actually freeze completely within a single night provided it grows cold enough, so it’s important to avoid this situation at all costs going in to the Winter season. Consider providing them with some insulation to really keep the cold at bay. Also, insulating the walls and windows of your home can have a noticeably beneficial effect to your energy bill, and helps your heat go much farther than it otherwise would.