One of the most hectic parts of raising a young family is doing the school run. As this is one of the first things that you will do in the morning, it is vital that your day gets off to a good start. Instead of losing your cool, you should be able to feel calm and in complete control. The secret to success is planning ahead, and just a few small changes could make a huge difference. Below are five ways to make sure that you ace the school run.

Improve your efficiency

When you are planning the school run, you should think about the route that you are taking. Perhaps there is a shortcut that you are yet to discover When you have some free time, take a drive around. You might find a side road that you’ve never noticed before. This could shave a few minutes off your journey. Alternatively, it could come in handy if you ever find yourself stuck in traffic. You should also be encouraging your kids to get a wriggle on. Why not turn getting ready into a competition? There could even be a small prize for the child that gets to the car first.

Take care of your vehicle

If you are in a rush to get to school, the last thing that you want is for your car to break down. Make sure that you are taking good care of your vehicle. If you do notice any problems, it is important that you resolve them immediately. You should try to find a service that has expertise in your model of car. For instance, if you drive a Land Rover, you should reach out to a Land Rover mechanic. This is the best way to ensure that your car is in safe hands.

Consider your entertainment

The school run can be a fantastic opportunity for you to interact with your kids. Remember to ask them about their day, tell them what you’ve been up to, and discuss the week ahead. You could also inject a little fun into the process by enjoying a few car games. If you have a long journey ahead, this is a fantastic way to make the time fly.

Bring snacks and drinks

When you pick your kids up from school, it might be a nice idea to greet them with snacks and drinks. Try to find healthy options, as you don’t want them getting overexcited from too much sugar. A good example would be bottled water and yoghurt raisins. This option will prevent them from being dehydrated and provide them with one of their five a day. However, it is still tasty enough for them to look forward to.

Prepare a medical kit

Being a parent means living in a constant state of worry. Try to eliminate some of the stress by being prepared for an emergency situation. Remember to put a well-stocked medical kit in your car. This way, if any of your children come home with scraped knees or cut fingers, you will always have the tools to help them out.