Today’s homes are full of gadgets. Owning a smartphone or computer has become more necessary than ever before as more of our lives become dependent on the web. The trouble with this tech is that it often isn’t cheap. That said there are tricks to have you saving less on electronic items, particularly when it comes to computers and TVs. Here are just a few ways that you can cut your spendings on gadgets.


Buy at the right time

Timing your purchase right can save you a lot of money. Many new gadgets are released at the beginning of the year. This can sometimes be a great time to buy previous generation phones and laptops for cheaper as they are no longer in great demand. There are also special periods throughout the year for discount sales such as the January sales, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some gadgets can also be cheaper around Father’s Day, although it pays to shop around as some stores will hike up prices around this time.

Take the display model

Electronic hardware and mobile phone stores will often have a display model which can be used by the public for testing out the gadgets interface. Stores will often sell the display model for a discounted price.

This can be great for saving money on brand new gadgets – there will generally be nothing wrong with the display model and the store will clean it for you before giving it to you.  Some stores may only sell the display model once they’ve ran out of stock so sometimes it’s a case of getting lucky.


Give online auctions a go

Online auction sites can be another great to find cheap electronics. These will often be products sold at discounted prices. It’s worth always reading reviews of bidding sites first to check how reliable and honest they are – there are plenty of these reviews online such as If you get lucky you could secure yourself a TV or laptop that no-one else has bid on.

Use coupons

Coupons can be a great way of cutting the cost of electronic items. You can find these by signing up to coupon sites like, which allow you access to voucher deals on all kinds of items. Newspapers and tech magazines can also sometimes contain coupons to be used in stores such as Walmart. Coupons will always have an expiry date, so make sure to make use of them before they’re invalidated.


Forget the warranty

If you’re buying from an electronic hardware store, you’ll likely be offered a warranty on your electronic item. Unless you have a track record of breaking tech, this warranty is probably not worthwhile. Warranties generally only last up to a year and you’ll likely be using your gadget much longer than that before it breaks. Some warranties will also not cover certain types of damage (usually the most common types of damage).