Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all quickly approaching! Winter can be the most expensive time of year. Not only do you spend on presents and food, but also on new winter clothes, on heating your home, on those work do’s you’re obliged to attend, on things to do once the kids have broken up from school and on those decorations you just have to have this year.

Half of the people spend the whole year building up towards the holiday season, and the other half get surprised when it jumps on top of them. But don’t fear! There are so many ways to afford the holiday season.

Year-Round Christmas

Shopping for Christmas might seem silly, but the money you will save by spreading it out over twelve months instead of three will shock you. You also have the opportunity to shop in the seasonal sales throughout the year. You might end up spending the same amount on presents as you would when you would normally shop in the winter – but this way you spread the cost, rather than emptying your bank account all in one go.

Prepare Your Money

As well as buying, you should be saving year-round. With the average American household spending over $300 on Thanksgiving weekend, can you afford not to be saving? If you are short, or the holidays creep up on you, then you might want to consider other options like loans or store credit. Sites like personalloan.co can offer you a loan to see you through the holiday season. And many stores allow you to build up store credit over the year, so take advantage of it.


DIY is the biggest fad sweeping the world. Ways of making your decorations, Christmas crackers and gifts are everywhere on the internet, and with these easy step-by-step guide, why not test it out? Doing it yourself allows you to have bespoke decorations and you can tailor gifts to each person. Spending more time and not more money to personalize a gift can be so much more meaningful. You can involve the family more to – which is the true meaning behind the holidays – by getting the kids to help make decorations or by having a competition with extended family on the most inventive gift-wrapping.

One Year Ahead

If you have set a budget – which you will be sticking to! – And you see something that your sister or mother would love, but it’s not on the cards for this year, then just make a note of it and pick it up in the post-Christmas sales for next year, or for their birthday. The same goes for decorations – if you’re not the crafty type, then pick up new decorations a year ahead in the sales. Some sales can drastically change the price of things, with stores offering 75% or 80% of items.

Secret Santa

If you have a large extended family, a group of friends, or work colleagues – suggest introducing Secret Santa. This means that everyone gets a present, the holiday budget is set, and you have loads of fun guessing who brought you your gift.