You may be dreaming of a white Christmas in the Bahamas, but honey, it ain’t going to happen. It’s 70 degrees outside and unless you move (or global warming sends a freak snow storm your way), it’s going to stay that way. So it’s best to let go of what you can’t control, and instead focus on what you can. Here are five ideas that can help you create and experience that holiday winter wonderland you’ve always wanted:

Buy a White Christmas Tree

This year there’s no question — you need a white Christmas tree to set the tone for the rest of the season. Garnished with simple white and silver ornaments and pops of color here and there, it’s the perfect way to create a showcase centerpiece in your home. HGTV offers suggestions on how to dress your all-white tree, including ideas like using different tones of the same color and draping strands of yarn between the branches to create fullness. Below, consider gift wrapping all of your presents in white paper tied with big, festive metallic bows.

Choose Your Color Scheme Accordingly

Carry your White Christmas theme beyond just your tree. When decorating the rest of the house, stick to a simple, minimalistic design that focuses on whites and silvers paired with earth and plant-based tones and objects. Wooden wreaths and green garland pair perfectly with white candles, metal platters, and linen or burlap stockings hung from the mantle. suggests using traditional shapes — like lit stars made of sticks — to give the impression of Christmas in a subtle way.

Bahama Bucks Sells Snowballs

Sold in packs of 24 or in a box of 60, shaved ice shop Bahama Bucks sells snowballs year round. That means whether you’re having a Christmas party or just want to start a snowball fight with your kids after school, you’re set. With locations throughout the country, there’s bound to be one nearby. If not, check your local shaved ice shop for supplies, or consider buying an artificial snow machine online.

Hire Snow Services

If simple snowballs aren’t enough for you, you can buy artificial snow party packs from Designed to fill pools or line 12×12 foot tarps, this fake snow sold in bulk will allow you and your children (and their friends … and your friends) to build snowmen, make snow angels and go sledding in your backyard. Some companies, such as, specialize in hosting special snow-filled events where employees will come to your chosen location and make slides and snow runs, form ice skating rinks, and even provide live reindeer, penguins, real- or fake-bearded Santas and elves, and other party props.

Watch a “White Christmas”

Despite its 1954 debut, “White Christmas” is still a popular holiday movie among young and old, and it’s not something to miss. This year rent the classic film for a fun family night in, or if possible, take the whole family to a local production of the musical. Indoors and out of the heat, you’ll have two hours to pretend you’re in a winter wonderland watching Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye fall in love with a sister act they’ve teamed up with to save the failing Vermont inn of their former commanding general.