Some women might think that a C-section is a failure at childbirth. However, it’s just another method of delivering your baby. There are times when you need a C-section for the baby to arrive healthy. Some doctors want to deliver a baby via C-section because you’ve delivered this way in the past. After a C-section, the recovery might be a bit longer and more difficult, but there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help ease the pain and discomfort.

Rest When Needed

When you get home from the hospital, you’re going to need to rest as much as possible. Your partner can help with your baby and the housework. You can also enlist help from family and friends. Find a comfortable chair to relax in, or prop your feet on the couch so that you’re not moving around much over the first few days that you’re home. Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll probably stay in the hospital for a few days compared to going home the day after delivery with a vaginal birth.

Contact Resources

Sometimes, a C-section is needed because the baby is in fetal distress. This could mean that the heart rate is dropping or the there are issues with fetal movements. Most of the time, the doctor can detect these issues before they impact the health of the baby, which is why a C-section is ordered. If there are any health issues with you or your baby after the delivery, you might want to contact a personal injury attorney who can look at the incident and get you the help that is needed for medical bills and any other compensation that you deserve.

Care for the Incision

Most doctors will make a C-section incision horizontally across the abdomen. Staples or internal dissolvable staples will be used to close the incision. Avoid lifting anything that is heavy in the first few weeks after surgery. Clean the incision as instructed by the doctor. Try to keep the supplies that you need nearby so that you don’t have to walk around as much. It usually takes about six weeks to get back to a normal routine where you’re working and driving, so it’s important to arrange for assistance as it’s needed.

Eat Healthy

One of the important steps after surgery is eating healthy. Get as many proteins into your diet as you can as they will provide energy for the body and the proper nutrients that are needed for healing. Any vegetables are also something that you want to include as they have folic acid and other essential vitamins that you won’t get from eating carbohydrates and junk food.

A C-section sometimes requires a bit more time to heal. However, the result is a baby who relies on you and depends on you to stay healthy. Follow the orders given by the doctor, and take it easy over the few weeks after getting home.

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