Ah, a new online business. There’s nothing more exciting than making a move to start your own company inspiring and motivating others. The one thing to remember about your online business dreams is that the internet is a big place, where every year hundreds – if not thousands – of companies start up. The world on the internet is vast, complex and competitive and it’s for these reasons that you need to begin competitive and stay that way!

Your business has to offer something new, fresh and different from what every other online business in your industry offers. If you don’t at least attempt to offer something different, you could get completely lost among every other company, which is something that as a new business you need to avoid. You want to stand out and be a success in your industry and this means ensuring you get noticed – whether you use the best SEO company in the world to help your website stand out, or you run competitions and offer freebies! We’ve put together some of the best ways your company can be a frontrunner!

  • Name Game. Does your business have a bold name that resonates with people? Does your business name tell them what you do and what you offer? If you have answered no to either of these, then you need to sit with your team and have a brainstorm! People need a name that they can instantly grab onto and remember – you don’t want to be forgettable. Trademarking the name that you settle on is important, as you don’t want anyone else to have a chance to take that name.
  • Brand It. You’ve got your name and you’ve got your company colors, it’s time to get them out there. Your website should be heavy with what your name represents and the colors you associate with your color, which is why it’s important to get a great web designer on board with you!
  • Cool Designs. Okay, we we’ve just mentioned a web designer on board, but for this you’ll need a great team! The sky is literally the limit here, as the way you design your website needs to stand out from everyone else. Be it futuristic, vintage or modern; your website design is going to make the difference between your company being different to the others or not.
  • Go Beyond Your Site. Your online presence should never be restricted to just your business website. There is so much more internet out there and you could imagine. Social media is one of the biggest ways to spread your brand and your name out there, and if you’re not involved in it then you should be! Check out this list of must-have social media accounts so that you can get with the times.

Your company shouldn’t be forgettable and if there is even a little wiggle room for people to forget who you are, then you need to get back to the drawing board and make it work another way!