Having a hectic family life, spending hours chasing after the kids, those chores that seem never ending… it’s no wonder that you may have little time left for yourself! With fall fast approaching, and those leaves falling off the trees, why not take some time out for yourself to review your personal health? Have you gained a little weight? Have you neglected to sort that persistent pain or ache? Are there any more personal issues that need some review? Gaining the right balance between your work and family life can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. With that in mind, why not give your personal health a much-needed makeover this fall?


Get fit for fun

Are you keen to lose a few excess pounds? Perhaps you have a marathon in your sights? Or maybe you want you entire family to get up and get moving? There’s no time like the present to get fit and active this fall – and you can even make it fun! From walking in the park to sweeping the leaves off your path, why not make an effort to incorporate more calorie burning activities into your daily routine? You can make it a family affair too – from cycling to trail hiking, get outdoors and break a sweat! If you’re worried about going it alone, enlist the help of your friends who have similar aspirations.


Live ache and pain-free

Irritating aches and pains can be debilitating and uncomfortable, so make the time this fall to give your posture and muscles a make over too. Most health plans also include physical therapy options to deal with a range of complaints, from sports related issues to conditions such as arthritis. Desk bound for your job? Check out your posture and take regular breaks for instant relief from poor posture. If the pain persists, speak to your employer.


Make some more me time

As a busy Mom and head of the household, it can be hard to put some more me time at the top of your agenda. Long hours and screaming kids, although you love them, might have seen your relationship slide a little. But why not take the time to enjoy time with your partner? It can be as simple as introducing a ‘date night’ once a week or choosing a date in the calendar to escape for a weekend. Don’t forget to book an appointment with your gynaecologist to check that you are in optimal health. Natural Vaginal Moisturizer NeuEve provides the solution for a range of vaginal issues and gets rid of dryness.


Little changes last a lifetime

Big changes don’t happen over night, but set yourself small goals that are attainable and make you feel better on a daily basis. Think of your personal health makeover as an investment to last a lifetime, with the added benefit of helping keep your family fit and active too. Change can be daunting, but an improved you is sure to enjoy each and every activity that awaits you this fall.