Marriage is one of the biggest and best milestones we can experience. Depending on what you want, your ceremony can either be extravagant or simple. You might have been dreaming about your big day your entire life, and have the dress picked out and the venue decided upon. You might also have never expected to get married, and are suddenly overwhelmed by the to-do lists and expectations. Whatever kind of bride you are, follow these five steps to plan the perfect wedding for you:



  • Budget


The biggest mistake anyone can make is not setting a budget for their wedding. You can have the wedding of your dreams even on a budget, but you need to be aware of what you can spend. Simply having a budget can mean the difference between hiring a wedding planner or doing the planning yourself. You can buy a second-hand wedding dress, you can host your reception at a friend or family’s home, you can have all your guests bring a meal so that everyone will have something to eat. There are always options. You need to know what you can spend so that you don’t overspend.



  • Decide on the Guest List


Before you can decide anything about the ceremony itself, you’ll first need to determine how many people you’re going to invite. Are you going to have a small wedding or a large one? Will you provide your guests plus-one invitations? Knowing how many people maximum you’ll have is a good place to start when choosing everything else, from food, to venue, to decorations.



  • Choose a Date


Your wedding date holds a lot of significance. You can choose a special date that means something to you and your fiancé, or you can choose an available date in the season of your choice. Each season is beautiful, and each one poses its own challenges. The potential weather is something very important for outdoor weddings, so choose your season carefully and be prepared for that season’s worst on your day. This could mean having tents ready in case it rains, or space heaters if it’s too cold.



  • Decide on the Big-Ticket Items


These big-ticket items are the back bone of your wedding. You’ll need to choose your venue, the food and drink you’re serving, and where you’ll have the reception. These are the big-ticket items that you can’t ignore, and they’ll depend on your tastes and budget.



  • Pick Out Activities


These are what truly make a wedding fun. Choose activities that you enjoy. For a truly special first dance, take waltz dance lessons with your spouse-to-be. Hire a band or a DJ, or even just pick out the ultimate wedding playlist. You can have games for your guests to play, photo booths, or anything else that you find fun. The best wedding is one that’s fun.


Your wedding is your special day. You shouldn’t worry about what other people think, because they’re your friends and they’re there to celebrate with you. Your wedding should make you and your spouse happy first.