If you want to feel better in every aspect of your life – exercise is a great place to start. Not only will you have more energy to live off every day, but you’ll even add years onto your life, and this can all be done for free! The benefits are just too good to ignore – so get moving.


Exercise fights health conditions and diseases.

If you’re worried about having health problems in the future like a high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer – exercising can prevent these risks. This is because it helps the blood to flow smoothly through your body which lowers the chances of cardiovascular diseases. It will also help with any aches and pains you may get in your joints like arthritis.


Exercise relights the flame in your sex life.

Whether you feel too tired, or you’re not happy with the way your body looks, these are all factors that may turn you off getting affectionate with your partner. With the help of exercise, you can not only improve your energy levels, but look and feel better too.


Exercise improves your mood.

If you’re feeling down, whether that be due to stress from work, or negativity in your personal life – drop everything, turn up your favorite music, let your hair down and have a dance. Even if it’s just for a good ten minutes! Physical activity stimulates different chemicals in the brain which release endorphins – these improve your mood dramatically and make you feel happy and even in some cases euphoric.


Exercise gives you energy.

When you exercise, it delivers oxygen and important nutrients to the tissues in your body which also helps your cardiovascular system work a lot better. The stronger your heart and lungs become, the more revitalised you will feel, giving you more energy to tackle those daily chores.


Exercise controls weight.

Whether you’re slightly overweight, or would just like to maintain the weight you have now, exercising is brilliant for that. This is done by burning calories, and toning your muscles up as you do so. Going to the gym is great, but it isn’t essential – you can work out from your own home if you wish. If you have a second level in your house, use the stairs to tone up those legs and build up your booty muscles.


Exercise promotes better sleep.

If you tend to struggle falling asleep, exercising in the morning or afternoon (not before bed) will help you to fall asleep faster when you hit the sheets, making you drift off even deeper. Pair that up with a memory foam mattress, and you’ll be dreaming for hours.


Exercise can be fun.

If none of the above seems to entice you, just think how fun it can be! Exercising doesn’t mean going to a gym amongst sweaty strangers grunting at themselves in the mirror. You can go wherever and do whatever! Go for a swim in the lake before you light up the barbecue with your friends. Or go for a hike with your buddies and watch the sunset at the top of the mountain… – Yes, it all counts.