In life, it is important to have a strong group of friends that you can turn to for support. If you are struggling to balance a busy schedule, you may find it more and more difficult to make your friends a priority. Over time your relationships may start to weaken. Make sure that this doesn’t happen! You may not be able to spend time with your friends in the same carefree way that you used to. However, it is possible to maintain a strong social life, even when you have a busy schedule to uphold. Below are five ways for you to build a strong group of friends.

Work out together

Why not combine two different elements of your life? Working out with your friends is a fabulous way to get fit while you’re socializing. Exercising with other people actually proves more effective than exercising independently. This is because you feel pressured not to let people down. You will find yourself becoming closer to your friends as you keep each other motivated.

Arrange playdates with your kids

If your friendship group is full of parents, arranging playdates is the best way to stay in touch. You should look out for play areas that provide a café area for the parents. This will allow you to let your kids run wild, while you and your friends are grabbing a coffee. Hopefully, your children will begin to build their own friendships. Encourage this, as it will make life much easier for everyone.

Friendship therapy

Going to therapy with your friends may sound a little intense, however, it is actually a great way to strengthen your relationships. If there is any animosity that exists in your group of friends, now is the time to get to the bottom of it. Even if you don’t have a lot of problems, speaking openly to your friends will bring you all closer together.

Synchronize your social calendars

In order to build long lasting friendships, it is important to create great memories. Do this by arranging nights out with your friends. You may be too busy to do this regularly. If this is the case, just find a few really exciting events that you can all manage to get to. Ticket Sales is a fantastic resource that helps you to purchase resale tickets to hugely popular events, meaning you have a social event planned in advance. Look around to find an event that you and your friends will remember forever. You can choose from a variety of different venues.

Record your memories

One of the nicest things to do with your friends is to reminisce about the past. Make sure to record all of your memories carefully. Why not create a personalized scrap book for each of your friends? You could also use social media to publish all of your favourite group photos. This way, no matter what happens in your lives, you will all have a clear reminder of the good times that you have shared.

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