If you’re a lover of good food and drink, slight indulgence isn’t your enemy. In fact, it can keep you sane, because if you disallow any kind of treat, you’re more likely to slip up on your road to weight loss. You’ve heard it all before – moderation is key – but it’s true. A small glass of wine once a month isn’t going to make you pile on the pounds, and the same goes for the occasional square of chocolate or cheese platter.

Exploring another country’s food culture can make eating a lot more enjoyable. Instead of snacking on an Oreo, make those calories worth the taste. Plan ahead so you can eat foods that are new to you, and which may not be as bad as you’d expect. For example, the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest out there, and Tasmania’s organic and health conscious food is also recognized worldwide. Here are the healthiest tastes of the world.

The Mediterranean

Featuring fresh fruit and vegetables, whole-grains, fish, and nuts, people who regularly eat a Mediterranean diet are considered to live longer than most. People may think dairy, olive oil and fish make this diet unhealthy, however, this is further than the truth.

Olive oil is their main source of fat, fish is incredibly high in protein, and dairy (in small quantities) isn’t overly bad for you. Researchers have also said there’s a reduced risk of high blood pressure and raised cholesterol for those who practice this diet.


The Japanese have one of the highest life expectancies in the world due to their intake of certain carbohydrates, fresh fish, vegetables and fruits, and certain meats. Their diet is low in saturated fats and processed foods, and the carbohydrates are from ice and vegetables.

Raw fish means less ‘fatty cooking’ with oils and fats, and green tea and water usually replace soda. Seaweed, pickled vegetables, seafood and fermented foods such as miso, are extremely good for you, and your digestive system.


Like Australia, Tasmania focuses on organic foods usually grown locally. This is because, of course, the difficulty of transporting goods in and out of Australia and Tasmania. However, a lot of food is seasonal, organic, and good for you.

Tasmania may be known for its wine, chocolate and cheese (which make for a great gift basket for friends and family from www.tasmaniangourmetgifts.com.au), but it’s already known for its fresh fish, local honey, black truffles, wasabi, saffron, and locally sourced meats.


The Nordic nations of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland all commonly feast on oily fish, local, fresh fruits, root vegetables, fermented milk and cheese, and rye bread. The benefits of such a diet are similar to a Mediterranean diet, however, it is also speculated to help reduce inflammation.

This high in fiber, low in sugar diet is ideal for weight loss, and its fish based diet is perfect for protein. The low-temperature cooking methods such as baking and boiling over frying and roasting can also help aid weight loss and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.