Getting a new job is always daunting, especially if it’s a big step-up from your current position. Whether you’re getting the promotion you’ve always dreamed of, or are finally back to work after a long absence, it can be difficult to know how to prepare for the time ahead. Firstly, don’t worry about needing to know all that will be required of you in your new role; you have been given the position because you already possess the skills necessary to succeed in time. So long as you are relaxed and the job is right for you, everything should work out just fine.

There are inevitable insecurities that come from presenting yourself to a new set of colleagues, but remember that they are not there to judge you, they are there to help you find your feet. For the most part, people are going to be far more concerned with their own workload that what you are up to, and if you don’t gel with somebody right away, over time, you will find ways of working alongside one another. If you are anxious, it will definitely come across, try to remember that a happy worker is an efficient worker, so don’t stress yourself out so much about all the things you have to learn. Read on for some top tips to ensure you thrive in your new workplace, and take any challenges you might face in your stride.

Be Confident

Remind yourself that you are already capable of performing the role, and that if you weren’t, then you wouldn’t have got an interview in the first place. Do not concern yourself too much with the things that you can’t possibly know yet, instead focus on the skills you do have. Remember, you might not know everyone’s name yet, but if you’ve got the job, chances are you already know what you are being employed to do.

If you are a receptionist, for example, you may not know what client management system they use yet, but you will know how to type fast and appropriately talk to people. When you find yourself awash with negative thoughts, reflect instead upon all the great things you have done in your life and are yet to do. If you are still struggling to stay calm perhaps try a little meditation each day when you wake up – do it for a week and you will notice the benefits.

Brush up on The Latest Developments in Your Industry

If you are rusty after a career break or taking a different position to the one you had before, consider taking an online course to get you up to speed. Update your LinkedIn page as soon as possible and start forming those all important new contacts, now everything is digitized you have much greater access to other professionals in your field.

These contacts could be of great help to you throughout your employment. If you aren’t already, be sure to follow industry related blogs and become acquainted with the big names in the business. For any position, whether you are a personal assistant or a lawyer, staying up to date with current developments is crucial, both for your confidence and your co-worker’s faith in you.

Look after yourself first.

Even as you prepare to dazzle your future employer, remember your own opinion of yourself matters too. You will be most impressive to them only if you also impress yourself. Make sure not to neglect your health by exercising regularly and eating well. Keep yourself socially active; nothing builds one’s confidence more than having your capability to perform and succeed confirmed by those who know you best.

A strong social network will encourage your efforts and ease your anxieties. Belief and confidence undeniably breeds success, and what better source of this can a person have than their friends and family. Do not neglect those around you even if the demands of your job start to take over. Throwing yourself into your new role is fine but don’t forget all the things that made you happy before. The perfect antidote to a stressful week is a glass of wine and a chat with somebody who isn’t remotely connected to your work.

Dress To Impress

Appearance does matter, unfortunately, and If you look the part, you will also feel the part. You don’t go dancing in a work suit, and you’ll never see a lawyer turn up to court in a sequined skirt or a low cut top. To a certain extent, our clothes define our position in society by providing a signal telling the world what it is that we do. For example, if you wear a long white coat or blue scrubs you are likely a doctor or nurse, if you wear a wig, you may be a judge.

Perhaps the most obvious way to make yourself secure at work is to be a good fit. Go shopping to update your wardrobe by the general style of dress at the office. If you look like one of the team when you start, they will accept you quicker. Although being recognizable as one of the team is important, try not to lose whatever it is about you that makes you unique.

Just because you have to wear a suit, for example, doesn’t mean you have to have a dark overcoat or a simple, black handbag. To inject a little character into your daily ensemble, browse the range of phone cases from Custom Envy, and pick yourself up a stylish phone cover. Choose something that resembles who you are while remaining professional. Have the best of both worlds!

Know Your Salary Limitations

Maybe you are lucky enough in your new job to have secured a larger salary, but do not go spending it before you have even started. Hold back a little and work out how much you are realistically going to have for luxury items. It’s sad, but a brand new wardrobe may not be on the cards just yet. While it is essential to look the part, you do not have to go broke to attain this goal. Work out a thorough personal monthly budget before you start, taking into account any deductions you will face. There’s nothing worse than being disappointed when you hit the bank after a hard month of work.

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