Your body has to be taken care of, you live in it and it’s well being is your well being! If your body is mistreated you’re definitely going to feel the effects of it, which is going to lower your quality of life. We lead busy lives in the 21st century and so we don’t often have the time to get the right food inside of us, however if you keep on reading you’ll know the easiest and best ways to keep your body in balance!


Lean Proteins

When you picture protein, most people will picture a huge bodybuilder lifting huge amounts of weight in the gym, and you’ll think that protein has got nothing to do with you, right? Wrong! Everyone on the planet needs protein, and often we just don’t get it from the right source. Protein is important because it aids muscle recovery from a long day at work as well as being an energy source if it’s in excess. The lean part of lean protein comes from the fact that it has protein and very little else inside it, things like salmon contain very little in the ways of fat, salt and sugar, almost none of it, and so it’s a good thing to get into your system because you’re getting all the protein that your body requires without the stuff that it doesn’t want like fat and salt!


Detox Fruits

Fruits are one of the simplest things to get your hands on, but their benefits are often misconstrued and told wrong so people tend to stick with the same ones. Fruits are excellent for two reasons. The first one is that they have a very high liquid content and they react with toxins that are inside your body, meaning that they become one and are able to become washed away and removed easier than they would be through any other method. They are also very good antioxidants, which prevents electrons known as “free radicals” from causing destructive processes from occurring in the body, things such as cancer and rapid cell degeneration.

We all want to stop these things from happening, so give detox fruits a go! You can also get detoxing teas too, that have the same (if not more) effect as fruits do but in a drinkable form, perhaps more enjoyable if you find yourself not enjoying eating fruit very often! Read up about the 10 best detox teas for 2017 if you want to find out where to start with it because it can be hard to get going.



This is what most households lack, and you need to fill that space! Seeds are a fantastic source of protein, oils and minerals in a very small form, which people unfortunately overlook quite often. Whilst individually they do not amount to much, if you consume them often you will definitely see health benefits. They contain essential oils that are not naturally produced in humans which boost cell reproduction. Some seeds are supreme over others though, namely the chia seed.

They contain the same percentage of protein that lean meat does as well as having bonus vitamins and minerals within them, perfect for pouring over breakfast or a yogurt to get you going in the morning! They’re incredibly cheap to buy too, which means you have no excuse not to buy them, and part about them is that they take a very long time to go out of date. Seeds keep for an incredibly long time which means that you’ll rarely have to buy a new bag of them, unless you eat them all of course, but they’re not expensive anyway so you need not worry!

All of these things go great hand in hand, if you keep on top of eating lean protein you’ll not have to worry about getting anything unwanted like too much salt or sugar in your body, and if you do then the detox fruits and teas that you might be trying will wash it all away!

Keeping up with eating a plethora of different seeds will give you all of the essential oils that you need, as well as boosting your carbohydrate and protein intake for a minimal price, and minimal effort to eat and include in your meals! All of this advice can go for your children too, if you have them! Their bodies are growing and need extra attention, not just with food but with exercise too, so check this out to get your little ones going!

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