Having a child is one of the most glorious events for many women. However, some women are better equipped for being mothers than others. Children need attention right from their infancy. Being a good mother means being able to meet a child’s monetary and psychological needs. Though the thought of giving a child up for adoption may horrify most mothers, adoption is a good choice for some.


Love is the most important thing you can offer your baby, but decent housing, clothing and food are essential, too. Imagine having a child who asks you for things you can’t provide. Imagine the shame and hurt you’d feel. This might give you some idea of how much pain you’d be putting your child through. This is not to say that all poor people should put their children up for adoption, but while considering adoption, you should make a financial plan first. Make a list of your expenses and decide how you’ll pay them. Don’t forget to include new expenses like diapers and formula. Perhaps the most stressful expense will be daycare, which can cost several hundred dollars each month, depending on which hours you work and whether or not you have someone who can stay home with your baby.

Support System

Aside from finances, another reason women chose adoption is a lack of a strong support system. Single motherhood requires you to do all the grunt work yourself, without the benefit of delegating tasks to the child’s father. However, there’s no rule that you have to be married to raise a happy, well-adjusted child. Even if your relationship doesn’t last with the child’s father, you can still raise the baby on your own with the father’s support. Is the father financially and emotionally stable enough to support a baby? Even if he isn’t, ask yourself if you have others who are willing to help. Some women are lucky enough to have friends and family who will babysit. If you’re still thinking about adoption after considering finances and your support system, visit a website, such as A Child’s Dream, to learn more about adoption.

Financial concerns and lack of a strong support system are major reasons women choose to place their children up for adoption. Choosing adopting is a major decision that should not be reached hastily. Make a financial plan for your family and consider how strong your support system is before you decide what to do.