Keeping Baby Memories

That first year of being a new parent tends to be nothing but a total blur where auto-pilot takes over as you navigate your way through the kaleidoscope of constant feeding and not enough sleeping. That is why it so important for you to make a conscious effort to enjoy the moments you’re given and collect the memories that won’t come around again (even if that means setting a reminder on your phone that goes off every morning).

That is what we are going to help with because, instead of suggesting you make a generic baby book, we have come up with a list of creative, fun and totally unusual ways to remember your little one’s milestones.

Celebrate With A Shadow Box

We can’t stress enough how amazing it is to walk around your home and have actual photos of your family gracing the walls. Forget what anyone else says, that’s how to make a house a home. That’s where a shadow box goes one step further and lets you showcase those little mementos you never want to forget. Their first pair of socks, that rattle, their first spoon, baby shower invite, romper suit and their footprint and handprint on a piece of paper. It’s the little things that will make you smile.

Create A Memory Quilt

Every parent has a pile of little outfits they absolutely adored. Babygrows, t-shirts, romper suits, dressed, you name it, we all have that one we absolutely loved seeing our little bundle dressed in. But instead of handing these down or leaving them to be attacked by moths in the closet, have a quilt made out of them instead, like the ones you can get made at All those special outfits can then have a role to play forever more, even if it just to hang on their wall, or be folded and put into a frame. You could even put it somewhere safe for years and give it to them when they become a parent for the first time.

Gorgeous Newborn Photos

You won’t realize until it has gone, but the newborn stage is such a precious and fleeting moment in the life of your child, a time when they are nothing but miracles created by love, totally innocent and tiny. That is why you need to take a few minutes to read more at and then book yourself a session because these are the early days you’ll not want to forget. You’ll not want to forget how small they were or how much they changed, or how beautiful they looked when they slept. Trust us.

Not Your Normal Scrapbook

This is something we all wish we were creative enough to do (not to mention time-blessed too). Luckily, there are places out there that can make truly amazing scrapbooks out of those little memories you want to put all in one place. Family photos, those newborn photos, announcement cards, entry tickets to their first theme park, their first bits of art or their birthday cards. Anything that can be scanned can be added to the pages of a book that will last forever. What a lovely thing to have.