There is always something to fix up, and it will normally take the whole of your weekend to do, those annoying little DIY jobs that are deemed necessary to make sure that your house is in tip top condition. But it’s not just the little jobs you need to focus on, it’s the big ones too, especially if you don’t plan on making an insurance claim in the near future! There is nothing more stressful than making a claim on your house insurance after substantial damage sustained to your property, so what can we do to avoid that fateful phone call to the insurance brokers?

Prevent Subsidence

This is one of the big issues for insurance companies. Subsidence is when the ground underneath your house sinks lower or collapses which take some of the foundations of the building with it. This will put a strain on one side of your house. This can be evidenced in cracks on your wall, as well as crinkling wallpaper and doors and windows sticking because the frames are warped. You can help to prevent subsidence in some ways by making sure that external guttering, as well as the pipes and plumbing, are well maintained. It can cause major structural damage if not fixed as soon as possible and there are plenty of contractors that can address the issue you can get help at which also has a lot of information on preventing issues getting worse. With a standard buildings policy you are covered for subsidence but depending on where you live in the world and the type of insurance company you are with, they may wish to monitor the problem first.

Preventing Leakage

For every insurance company, an escape of water is the most common reason for a claim. An unpleasant leak will cause a lot of headaches for you if you sustain a lot of water damage. To keep your home as waterproof as possible, you can make sure that the water pipes in your property are lagged. You can install leak detection equipment into the water system which can shut off your water system automatically if a leak is detected as well as making sure that faucets, as well as bathroom fixtures, are sealed properly and checked on a regular basis, which you can see at sites like, and if you really don’t know what you are doing when it comes to fixing water pipes, make sure you hire a plumber!

Cut Down On Accidents

Sure, nobody plans for accidents at all. But accidental damage in the property comes up high in the list of contents claims. Believe it or not, there are people who will investigate to see if a claim is made fraudulently. So if you plan on throwing your television down the stairs, it’s advisable to think again. Accidental damage is more common in young adults, usually due to their busy lifestyle. But it’s just advisable to operate with some common sense around the house.

These are things that crop up time and time again in insurance claims, so by making the home a bit more safer, you won’t need to call up the insurance company anytime soon.