If you make an effort to look after yourself, it can be crushing when those you love and care about the most in the world fail to look after themselves. If your child, brother or significant other are engaging in activities that you know aren’t good for them, finding ways of convincing them to stop what they are doing can feel at best futile, at worst patronizing. How many times have you had a conversation with somebody about how they are going to tackle something, only to find them right back where they were in no time at all? It is frustrating, but there are ways for you to help. Continue reading for tips on how to encourage your loved ones to adopt healthier habits without coming across as pushy.


Be A Good Example

The first thing to do when trying to inspire good habits is to make sure you are not a hypocrite. If somebody is struggling with drinking too much, you need to first check your own relationship with alcohol before you offer advice and support. You might want to think about showing solidarity with them by not drinking at family meals, for example, if you also refrain from the wine it is going to make it a lot easier for them to also. Stay positive, and try not to buckle even if they can’t resist during the meal itself. Overtime, you making an effort to hold back from drinking will make it easier for them and show everyone that you can still have a good time without resorting to alcohol.


Soften Your Approach

Especially if you are struggling with the habits of your children, having a hardline approach towards their problem will likely have the opposite effect that you are seeking. If your adult son or daughter is smoking and has been for a while, your nagging and lecturing might not be working. If you get into a pattern of offering unsolicited advice about the same thing, soon enough everything you have to say upon the matter will be ignored, and you lose any impact your opinion might have had. Try changing tactics, for example, if you really want them to give up smoking cigarettes buy them a vaporizer. Make sure you buy the right strength vape oil and a top of the range tank like the TFV8, and remember not to buy the cheapest model as it will hopefully be used often. The better the vaporizer, the better the experience and the less likely they are to go back to cigarettes.


Believe in Them

Whatever happens, however you are feeling, never let on that you think it is hopeless or you don’t think they can kick whatever habit it is they have. Even if deep down you are genuinely worried that they might not be able to stop doing whatever it is they are doing, faith and belief in them is one of the greatest support mechanisms you can offer. If your family member is struggling with a serious alcohol dependency, look into the best ways to support them at home and if you can’t get anywhere contact your medical provider. It might seem extreme, but they will thank you for it one day.