Within the beautiful Deer Valley and city living of Park City, there’s plenty to do. For active people who are interested in staying fit, improving their fitness or burning calories to match their expanded eating while on vacation, this article is for you.

Let’s look at a few of the more interesting and unusual activities in the area.

Union Pacific Rail Trail

The Union Pacific Rail Trail is one journey that can be taken to appreciate the scenery at a slower pace. For hungry passengers, there are snacks provided. It’s also possible to access a walking trail nearby by parking at the location and walking from there. Sections of the trail are paved which makes them accessible for people who are a little less steady on their feet. The paved section runs all the way into Park City, so it’s possible to park at the paved section and walk from there if you wish.

For people who are keen on bird life, there are eagles along the trail that have settled their nests. Snapping off a few pictures of the soaring birds is entirely possible, but the mountain views are special in the area too. People walk, run and horseback ride along the trail depending on their personal preferences.

Swaner Preserve & Eco Center

The Swaner Preserve and Eco Center is located near to Park City offering its nature preserve within the Snyderville Basin. There are ten miles of interesting walking trails, a wildlife refuge with well over 1,000 acres, the 100+ acre Farm at Swaner, and an expansive education facility there.

The preserve came into being in 1993 when the Spring Creek Angus Ranch provided a donation of 190 acres of land in the loving memory of Leland Swaner who previously owned the ranch. The land has since come under the ownership of the Utah State University who have since developed it and run distance learning classes from the location at 1258 Center Drive in Park City.

Park Silly Sunday Market

The Park Silly Sunday Market is a street festival and community gathering spot. The open-air market facilities offer local friends and visitors alike the chance to walk around and check out the extensive line of stalls with the mountains in the background.

Groups supporting sustainability issues are prominently featured, zero-waste promotions, along with artists showing their latest pieces, and performers putting on a show to passing walkers. Local farmers offer plenty of fresh produce to take home too.

A Pleasant Stay in the Heart of Deer Valley

To place you in the heart of the pretty scenery, there is lodging in Deer Valley by Resort Property Management. Don’t lose your time trying to find something suitable from the choices on hotel sites because the locations aren’t necessarily the most ideal. Access to Deer Valley and back to Park City is mere minutes away, making it quick to get between both locations.

Keeping fit while on vacation isn’t impossible to do. It just takes a bit of focus on what you’re eating and keeping your activity levels up during your stay.

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