Great staging sells homes. It allows buyers to visualize themselves in the space and gives them ideas for other uses. It also means less time on the market according to Coldwell BankerReal Estate Corporation. And while you can hire a professional, it is not necessary. Take a look at the staging tips below and put them to work for you. Your home will sell in no time.

Interior Staging Tips

Clear the Clutter

One thing you can do to help right away is institute a new house rule. For each new thing that enters your home, one old item must leave. Professional stagers have been known to take away half of a homeowners furniture during the staging process. It makes the house look much larger. Go over your home with a critical eye and see what you can remove. Consider it prep for moving. You will be glad you have less stuff to haul away when your home sells.

Group Your Furniture

Most people tend to think that a room will appear larger if furniture is placed against the walls of a room. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. You should group furniture together in a room whenever possible, floating it away from walls. Go one step further too. Make sure your furniture layout clearly defines traffic areas. This will make each room appear larger and present the space in a user-friendly manner.

Add More Lighting

Most of our homes aren’t bright enough. We seem to be content with improper lighting. According to Hillary Farr and her Rules of Renovation, if you want your home to sell, you need to make your space bright. This means increased wattage. The best rule of thumb is 100 watts for every 50 ft² of space. Feel free to introduce lamps and other forms of lighting as well. That’s perfectly acceptable. It helps in other ways too. For instance, adding chandeliers or pendant lighting to a spacious bathroom for an upscale luxe look. Lighting helps your buyer see and adds value as well.

Exterior Staging Tips

Pamper Your Porch

No matter how small your front porch is, it’s the first thing a buyer will see. Make sure you give it proper attention. Of course, you will need a welcome mat and if you have them, some unique, inviting pieces of outdoor furniture. At night, be sure to keep your porch and exterior lights on in case any potential buyers decide to drive by. Potted plants and perennials are always a nice touch too.

Maintain Your Lawn

Again, the exterior of your home is the first thing a buyer will see. Therefore, make sure your lawn is maintained. You might want to raise the blade a little higher on your lawn more to prevent your grass from yellowing or grounding out after cutting in the summer. Also, apply fertilizer and other types of lawn food to ensure buyers see a lush green landscape.

Give Your Home a Bath

It’s a good idea to rent a pressure washer or hire a professional to spray down your house. This is a great way to instantly brighten the exterior, and also uncover any problem spots that may need attention. Of course, you can paint your homes exterior as well, but often times simply giving it a good bath and cleaning the windows are all that’s needed. You will be amazed at the difference.

Proper staging is all about paying attention to details by minimizing, grouping and touching up any problem areas. It’s a key part of selling your home. By putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes you are laying the groundwork for them to make an offer before they ever set foot inside.