As another lengthy summer vacation stretches out in front of you, you’ll probably feel that familiar sense of dread. How on earth can you keep your children entertained and occupied the entire time? Hopefully, you’ll have a few play dates and a family holiday to go on, but what about the rest of the time? Well, you need to start planning. Figure out what activities you can do that you know they love – and then start thinking up some new ones. Children love a challenge – within reason – so trying out a new sport or hobby will keep them amused for as long as the holidays last. Here are a couple of ideas to get you going.


  1. Surfing


Now, this depends on how close you live to the sea and whether your children are confident swimmers. If they aren’t, maybe focus on swimming lessons this summer, so that next summer they can get into the water. Surfing and body boarding is a lot of fun and really tiring. It’s the kind of sport that your children will quickly get obsessed with, thanks to the relaxed lifestyle and constant development. Children usually pick up surfing quite fast, thanks to a lack of fear and natural balance. If you want to raise the bar, look at trying a water jet board. These motorized surfboards give you an even more adrenaline-filled session, and are perfect for children who have a natural affinity with the water. Plus, you can go on a lake or river – you aren’t restricted to the ocean.


  1. Horseback riding


Like many people, you might have ridden as a child. If you did, then you’ll understand how addictive this sport can be. It’s not all about lessons and ribbons either: your children will be able to develop and nurture a relationship with a living creature, and learn to work as a team with a partner that can’t speak. Plus, it’s great exercise, and it’s a great way to teach children about responsibility. Just watch out that they don’t fall too in love with their stable mate, and put a horse on their Christmas list.


  1. Rock climbing


Rock climbing is getting more and more popular, especially with young people. It’s a great way to develop balance and strength, as well as problem-solving skills. Get your children’s confidence up by learning to boulder in an indoor environment, and then try going out to have lessons on real rock faces. They’ll love the challenge, and it’s a great sport to get into now, as more and more competitions and challenges are starting to develop.


  1. Quidditch


It might sound like a wild idea, but if your children are Harry Potter fans, then you should see if you can give Quidditch a go. Clubs and teams are popping up all over the world, even featuring as extra-curricular activities in universities! Get in touch with the closest team to you and see what they can offer your children – there might be age limits involved, but at least you’ll get a good idea of what skills they need. Usually, they just need to be able to catch and throw a ball to a good level.