When you purchase a home, you generally need a realtor to help secure the deal and steer you in the best direction. You’ll also probably need a real estate attorney to ensure that your purchase contract is fair. After living in your home for a while, you will get to know it intimately, right down to the finishing nails. If you know how much money you are comfortable accepting for your house, and feel that you don’t need the assistance of a real estate agent, you can sell your home for free. You will need to know if any disclosures need to be made, such as a leaky roof or an HVAC system that is need of repair. The good news is that successfully selling your own home can lead to more cash offers and no complicated bank paperwork.

How to Advertise Your House So That It Sells

You may think that your house is great. Actually, you probably think that it is truly one of a kind. Though your home may be unique, buyers aren’t going to know what’s so special about it unless it is advertised well. First, take pictures of every inch of your home in good lighting. Your pictures may need to be edited and cropped so that your home is appealing, but all of this worth will lead to more interest. Next, you will need to advertise your home where you know serious buyers are present. Without a realtor at your disposal, you will be doing all of your own screenings so be careful about where your home is listed for sale.

Holding Tours of Your Home

Few buyers are going to want to make a purchase offer on a home unseen, so be prepared to host lots and lots of home tours. Potential buyers primarily have the most available time on the weekends and in the early evening, so try to keep your schedule clear during these times. You can let buyers know that you need at least 24 hours in advance so that you are able to stay organized, but don’t set forth too many restrictions. Make your home and your approach warm and inviting so that buyers are more likely to get to know your house well.

Negotiating On the Final Sales Price

Home sellers may know what they want to receive for their houses, but buyers often have a different idea. Don’t be upset if you get some lowball offers. On the other hand, you can try to finalize the sale of your home by being somewhat flexible about pricing. If an interested buyer offers a little more for your house than what they initially offered, you can either keep negotiating or make your offer final.

If you sell your house on your own, it will likely sit in the open market for longer than if you used a realtor. For many sellers that is completely okay. Your house might not sell right away but you will pay a lot less in fees if you organize the sale of your own home.