One of the main parts of being a mom is cleaning up after your little ones as they play and spend time in the home. From crumbs in the kitchen to toys in the playroom, there are several areas of the home that need to be picked up each day. When you want to erase your kids’ messes at homes quickly, there are a few important steps to take.

1. Lay Out a Blanket

Kids are prone to making a mess in the living room or playroom with building blocks and toy dolls that are thrown all over the space. Instead of having to pick up each item that creates a mess on the floor, you can make it easy to pick up with the use of a blanket. Consider laying out a large blanket in the area where your child wants to play, which can make it easy to collect all of the items by picking up the blanket once the child moves on to another activity.

2. Use Cubby Holes

An easy way of cleaning up is to use cubby holes in your children’s bedrooms. Cubby holes that contain boxes will allow you to group like items together and organize different types of toys, crafts, and supplies that your children use each day. The cubby holes can also be labeled to make it easy to find certain items and ask your kids to help clean up with you.

3. Install a Built-In Vacuum System

Most moms are used to stepping on crumbs and small spills on the kitchen floor or in their hallways after their kids enjoy snacks or meals throughout the day. Instead of spending all of your time on your hands and knees with a handheld vacuum cleaner, opt for installing a built-in central vacuum system. The power units are built into the walls near the floors, which makes it easy to simply sweep up the crumbs into each hole and watch it disappear. You can save time cleaning up your floors each day and having the mess cleaned in seconds, which will offer plenty of convenience with your busy schedule.

4. Use Dish Soap

Dish soap is extremely effective in cleaning up spills and stains that are present on areas where the kids have been spending time. You can use dish soap to remove blowouts fro dirty diapers or to spot clean the carpet where stains develop. You can also use dish soap to remove blood or grass stains on clothing items.

Scrub the stain vigorously with dish soap on the shirt or pants and allow it to sit before rinsing it off and throwing it in the washer machine.

5. Recruit the Kids’ Help

Begin teaching your children the importance of helping to clean up at an early age to ensure that they form good habits as they grow and develop. You can lessen your load when it comes to cleaning up with extra hands that can pick up toys or learn how to wipe up messes. Consider providing your kids with a small children’s set of cleaning tools that are easy to use as they learn to pick up. They’ll take pride in using the items and can be rewarded for their hard work.

Although you may never feel as if you’re never done cleaning once you become a mother, there are a few ways to make the process easier and more convenient. With the right products and practices used, you can enjoy having a cleaner and more comfortable home to spend time in with your children.

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