All parents will want to encourage their teens to go to university. However, it’s often difficult to work out which degree courses offer the most benefits. Some suggestions on this page will point you in the right direction. Regardless of your child’s abilities, the courses mentioned below should provide them with job satisfaction and a decent future income.

Computer Science

We all know that computers have changed the way in which we live our lives. They have revolutionized industries and improved the job market for everyone. So, it makes sense that a degree in computer science is going to come in handy for your teen. They might even end up working for an international tech company if they have the right contacts at college.

Criminal Justice

Degrees in criminal justice tend to lead to decent careers with reasonable pay. Indeed, many people with those qualifications end up working in the legal field. Some even find employment with organizations like the CIA and FBI. So, maybe that’s something you should recommend to your child?


Some people were put on this planet to care for others. If that statement applies to your teen, you should push them towards the medical field. A degree in medicine could result in your loved one becoming a doctor. They might even end up working for an international drug company like Big Pharma.

Now you have the best information; you just need to sit down with your teen and discuss their ambitions. At the end of the day, you should never make them do anything they won’t enjoy. There are plenty of other fields that can be highly profitable too, such as attaining a graduate certificate in finance online. You can push your child in the right direction, but they have to make the final decisions.  

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