When you get married, you picture a beautiful life for yourself and your family. Soon, reality hits and what you envisioned as a happy future together starts falling apart. You each get busy with your careers and stop putting your relationship first.

There comes a point and time when you must evaluate where your marriage stands and what you want from it. If you have a desire to save it, it’s time to take action. Talk to your partner and see if they’re on the same page about trying to save your relationship. If so, then it’s time to get to work. See five proven ways to strengthen your marriage.

Make your Relationship A Priority

You won’t be able to fix your marriage if you aren’t making it a priority. You both must put it at the top of your lists and be ready to work hard. Make an effort to position your relationship before your job, friends and other obligations. It’s possible if you set your mind to it. Be willing to cancel other plans or switch around your schedule to spend time with your significant other.

Spend more Quality Time Together

It’s easy to say hello and good-bye each day to your husband or wife, but this doesn’t count as spending quality time together. Schedule days or events where you go and participate in activities you both like to do. The time you have is valuable and should be used wisely. Create a calendar and mark the dates you’ll be hanging out together, so there’s no way around it.

Seek Professional Help

It’s okay to seek professional help for your concerns. Marriage is difficult and sometimes requires outside guidance. One idea is to attend Christian marriage counseling and get input from a therapist. They have experience dealing with these types of cases and will be a great support to you in your marital journey. Go in with an open mind and try the techniques they offer you.

Practice Gratitude

Think about all you’re grateful for in your relationship and share the ideas with each other. Being thankful for what you do have is a great springboard for getting what you want in your relationship. Knowing that you have a special bond is sometimes just enough to get your marriage back on track.

Schedule Time To Talk

It’s important to check in with each other when your marriage is in jeopardy. Don’t just think about it one day and revisit the subject a month later. Make it a point to see where both of your heads are at and how you’re feeling about the relationship. Opening up to each other is a great way to reconnect and support one another through this difficult situation. Talking has the power to clear up miscommunications and build a new foundation of strength.


Marriage isn’t always easy, and it takes a lot of effort to keep it going strong. Talk to your partner and come up with a plan to mend your broken hearts. These are five proven ways to strengthen your marriage.