Photo Credit: lisa

Photo Credit: lisa

If you have a teenager, you know what they are like. Without going overboard, they are messy beings that sometimes resemble an animal more than a person! And, when it comes to their room, it can look like a disaster zone. For moms, this is unacceptable, and we try our hardest to keep on top of the mess. Unfortunately, the clutter comes back like an unwanted zit the night before prom. Don’t worry, though, because there are ways to make a teen’s room look spotless and keep it that way.

Here’s everything despairing moms need to know.

Add More Storage

Usually, it is clothes that are the biggest problem. Instead of putting them away, teenagers throw them on the floor or kick off their shoes before they jump on the bed. Some even keep them on! The solution is to make it easier for your kids not to make a mess. For example, drawers under the bed are excellent additions. Because they roll out, there is no reason to exert too much energy. Sure, their folding technique may not be the best, but one step at a time, please. Shoe racks are also effective, and shoe racks for sale are available at most decent stores. With kids, it’s all about the little things as they make the biggest difference.

Harder To Get Out

Teens are lazy people, and they won’t do something if it expends too much energy. With this knowledge, you can stop them from getting things out in the first place. For example, put bulky clothes on a hanger and put them in their wardrobe. Then, get their t-shirts and put them in a drawer. You will find that they opt for a t-shirt more often than not, and they are less messy.

Forget The Deep Clean

Moms love a deep clean because it makes it seem as if we are tackling the big issues. The truth is that deep cleans aren’t the answer. The reason is simple: they are few and far between. Even if you do it once a week, seven days is a long time for teens to cause chaos. Instead, you need to clean at least once a day every day. Although it seems over the top, it’s the best way to prevent a buildup of clutter. Five to ten-minutes a day is much more effective than a deep clean once a week.

Involve The Kids

Kids get off easy when it comes to cleaning. Parents may make them wash the dishes, but cleaning is exclusive to moms. It’s about time this changed! Of course, they are never going to do anything to your high standards, which is why you still need to don the rubber gloves. However, they can do their bit so as to make your life easier. If they disagree, politely let them know that it is non-negotiable. It is their room and they need to treat it with respect. Those that don’t should lose privileges.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep on top of your teen’s room. After all, they spend so much time in it that it should at least look nice!