Nothing can quite compare to the unconditional love of a pet. They are a friendly face to wake up to each morning, and offer a warm welcome when you return home from a busy day. That’s why we’re offering some helpful tips on how to show your dog you love them.

Talk to Your Pet

Talking to your dog will allow them to become familiar with your voice, while ensuring they feel safe and happy within the home. Everyone needs communication in their lives, even pets, so talk to your pet each day to show them how much you care.

Give Your Dog Hugs

Who doesn’t love a good hug every now and then? It’s one of the best ways to show someone how much you care, and your dog is no different. The next time you are bursting with love for your dog, give him or her a hug and stroke to boost your bond.

Go on Long Walks

Most dogs love nothing more than a long walk in the great outdoors. Not only is it a great way for them to explore different environments and meet new people and pets, but it’s also great for their health, too. It will allow your pooch to stretch his or her legs, burn off some energy and shed some pounds.

Maintain Eye Contact

Did you know dogs hug a pet owner with their eyes when they stare at them? According to a professor at Duke University, gazing into your pet’s eyes in a relaxing environment can show your pet how much you love them. You should attempt to speak to him or her in a soft voice, gently stroking their fur while maintaining eye contact. This quiet moment stimulates Oxytocin in a canine’s brain, which is the same hormone that bonds both a mother and child.

Healthy Treats

All dogs deserve a little treat for a job well done. Whether they have sat quietly or performed well in dog training, a little treat can reinforce good behaviour, while showing your canine companion how much you love them. However, instead of feeding them unhealthy food, care for their health with healthy dog treats that taste great and will help a dog to maintain a healthy body.

Play with Your Pet

Playing with your pet is a great way to not only express your love, but to help keep your pet entertained. From buying them a chew toy to catching a frisbee in the park, your pet will love nothing more than playing a game with you or the whole family. So, the next time your dog seems a little bored or restless, pick up a toy and start playing. He or she will love you even more for it.

Allow Them to Sleep in Your Bed

A neuroscientist at Emory University spent decades studying the canine brain. He discovered that the ultimate way to express love and trust in a dog is to allow them to sleep in a bed with you, because this is when a pet is at their most vulnerable. What’s more, they will feel as though they are a member of a pack.