Most homes have items that are sitting around no longer being used, looking drab and gathering dust. Where most people are throwing these items out and buying new items, creative types are reinventing how they use old items. Upcycling is the process of reusing an old product and creatively reinventing its purpose and look to ensure it fits in perfectly around their home. Have a look at some of the items you may want to reinvigorate in your home, and have a ton of fun while upcycling.

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Jars and Tins

Aluminum tins and old jars  are often tossed aside, with many people finding no use for them in their home and mistaking them for rubbish. Rather than joining the pack, how about washing out all those tins and jars, ensuring you remove any the sharp edges. They can then be reused as candle holders, promising to collect all the melted wax. As the wax hot wax resets and begins to harden in the bottom,  you are left with a never ending candle. Another alternative is adding a touch of paint to these items and reusing them as stationary pots. This is a great way of recycling those old jars and tins, while saving you money on having to always repurchase new candles when they melt away, or having to buy new pencil tins. These new items can also be used to add an extra personalised element to your decor.

Bar Stools

Are you sick of those plain and boring wooden bar stools? You are not alone. Bar stools can easily be upcycled with a touch of paint, and a little bit of creativity. Adding a bit of color to your old bar stools can give them a new life, as well as add a whole new personality to your home. This is a simple task that can be completed within a couple of hours and ensure years of reuse. If you want to opt for a comfier option, you can always add a pillow to the seat and cover it with your favourite material, just ensure you use staples on the bottom of the seating area to ensure it stays.

T-Shirts and Singlets

How many old t-shirts or singlets do you have laying around in your drawers? Most people have an abundance of old tees or singlets that no longer get worn anywhere but around the house. A great use for these could be upcycling them into baby bibs, and you won’t even need to attend sewing classes. All you need to do is draw around an outline of a baby bib to create a pattern, and place it over the part of the tee shirt or the singlet you would like to use. Using a permanent marker, trace around the pattern on the front and back of the shirt and then cut it out. You can then sew the two sides of the shirt together and add a clasp to the part that goes around the child’s neck. This is an awesome use for those old graphic tees that no longer get any use.  

These are just a few things you can do with your old goods, however there are plenty more ideas out there, and all you need to do is use a bit of creativity and think outside the box before you throw out anything in the future.