If you’re in the process of selling your property or are planning to do so in the future; there will be things that you need to do, so that you encourage as many potential buyers as possible. Areas in your home, like the kitchen and bathroom, can often determine whether someone goes ahead, and puts in an offer on the house, or not. If those who are viewing your property walk into your bathing area and are scared by the condition of the room, and how much renovation they’ll have to do; they’ll end up running for the hills. Therefore, it’s crucial that you invest some time and effort into bringing your bathroom up to a good standard, and give your home the best possible chance of selling; this will save you money and time in the long run.

Clean And Freshen The Space

It might be that, due to busy family life, your bathroom hasn’t seen a scourer or a bottle of bleach in a very long time; you’d be amazed at what a thorough, deep clean can achieve in a room. If any potential buyers walk into the place where they would be showering and washing, and it feels dirty; it could put them off the whole sale. Buyers like to imagine how they would live in a potential new home; so get your rubber gloves on, or call in some professional cleaners to help you out, so that you’re fully prepared to sell.

If mold and mildew have spread into your grout and sealant, then you may have to spend a weekend remove the problem areas and retiling, re-grouting, and resealing the bathroom. Take a look at grouting and sealing tips from The Family Handyman before you visit your DIY store. A crisp white finish in between tiles will lift the whole space, and anyone viewing your home will be reassured that they can move in and bathe in comfort, after a long day of lifting boxes.


Know When To Renovate

If the issues in your bathroom run deeper than surface, and easily removable, dirt and mold; it might be time to consider what needs replacing or a full renovation. You can gain some ideas on bathroom remodeling from Hopkins & Porter and decide on a design that’s right for the space in your home. Think about your market (which is probably you and your family when you moved into your house) and design the best use of space for them. A young family will want a bathtub for the kids, where as a young couple might just need a walk-in shower area; so choose accordingly.

Color schemes, floor, and tile choices should be kept as simple and neutral as possible; you personal tastes for bright hues and busy prints, may not be someone else’s idea of a stylish space. The cleaner and fresher the colors, space, and silhouettes are in the renovated bathroom; the more likely potential buyers are to envision themselves taking a long soak in there, which will help them to make you an offer.

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