Those of us who struggle with brittle or cracked nails understand how much appearances impact self-confidence. While older women with college educations and higher income levels are more likely to pamper themselves with trips to hair and nail salons and massage parlors, women from all walks of life can benefit from doing these things since looking good tends to make us feel good about ourselves. What else does having good-looking nails do for us?

The Power Factor

Well-groomed hands and fingernails are associated with the concept of power. However, you don’t have to be a high wage-earner to appear confident and powerful. A trip to the nail salon is, for working women, a chance to get out of the work environment and have positive discussions with female co-workers. Whereas male co-workers tend to bond on golf outings (a symbol of male power and prestige), women can use this opportunity to share their empowerment in a friendly and creative environment.

The Power of Self-Expression

Beauty is not merely in the eye of the beholder. It is a reflection of the inner self. Your nails are blank canvasses that can be filled with an array of colors and shapes that hold special meaning to you. Both fake and real nails can bring about a sense of creative self-expression. If you are getting your nails professionally done, you can collaborate with your technician to create the looks you want for your nails. Getting your nails done allows you to spend time chatting with other women. Verbally expressing yourself with other women can boost your self-esteem and let you simply blow off steam if need be.

Gel or Acrylic?

If you want to get your nails professionally done and are considering fake nails, your two main options are acrylic or gel-nails. Acrylic nails are made from liquid and powder, while gel is just that – gel. Gel tends to cost a little more than acrylic nails but can be better for your nails in the long-run. If you are unsure of what gel products your technician is using, you might want to ask them about which kit they prefer to use on their customers. Gel-Nails, for example, offers a wide array of different gel kits that nail technicians can use on their clients to create fun and unique looks. Always go into your first session with a strong confidence in the abilities of your nail technician and a knowledge of what is going to be done to your nails.

Whether you do your nails at home or get them professionally done at a salon, having good-looking nails can boost your confidence and how others perceive you. If you have a big job interview, a possible promotion, or a formal event coming up, or if you’re just tired of having plain nails, consider giving your nails some attention.